New Products


NingXia Greens

With NingXia Greens, getting your daily dose of fruits and greens is as simple as scooping our superfood powder into your favorite drink. Each scoop contains 60+ high-quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, algae, and mushrooms.

Veggie Beshies

Introduce healthy eating habits through our newest NingXia Greens and cuddle companions—4pcs of Plush Keychains. Meet Nicki Minush the shiitake mushroom, Katy Berry the wolfberry fruit, Broccoli Spears the broccoli, and Mariah Carrot the carrot.

Raindrop Technique Promo Bundle

Get the Raindrop Technique Promo Bundle with free YL Wooden Caddy and Valor 5ml! Rejuvenate the mind and balance the body with Young Living's Raindrop Technique.

Mini Raindrop Set

Bring balance and harmony to your body with Young Living's Raindrop Technique. Developed by D. Gary Young, he draws from his experience with Native American wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of aligning the body and mind.

Pink Champagne Roll-On

Celebrate every moment with Pink Champagne! Indulge in the luxurious scent of the newest perfume roll-on. Let the sparkling notes of Grapefruit, romantic Jasmine, and playful Ylang Ylang make every moment a celebration.

Essential Rewards Bundles

Celebrate Mom with the gift of pure indulgence. The newest ER bundles are curated to pamper skin and nourish hair. Each set includes a special gift, scrunchies for the haircare bundles and an elegant velvet oil case for the beauty care set.

Green Omega 3

All-natural and powerful, our newest supplement is made with flaxseed oil, Clove essential oil, and omega-3s sustainably sourced from algae. With the highest amount of DHA and EPA in the market it helps promote normal eye, skin, joint, heart, and circulatory health and normal healthy brain function.

Healthy Gut ER Bundle

Fuel your body’s core with the powerful Essential Probiotics Plus. This bundle also includes the newest insulated YL Lunch Bag that will keep your food and drinks hot or cold for hours.

Simplified by Jacob & Kait Cozy Chai Body Butter and Salt Scrub

Nothing beats indulging in a relaxing self-care routine! Introducing the newest products that will help hydrate and keep your skin feeling silky smooth.


Experience holistic, clean beauty from head to toe with our Lavender body products!


Experience the change you've been waiting for with the newest Young Living supplement, Black Ginger PMF!


Make bath time a safe and nurturing experience for the kids when you use gentle, plant-based products!


Featuring dual enzyme capsules that aid in the digestion of fats, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates to help your body combat the modern-day diet and process food as nutrients and energy.


This gutsy sidekick contains 5 billion synergistic prebiotic and probiotic cultures along with vitamins, minerals, and wolfberry with dual-coated technology to ensure healthy digestion, bowel regularity, and improved immunity.


The all-natural nutritional product for women is finally here! Formulated with four herbal extracts and wolfberry to address the unique needs of women at different stages of life.