Young Living Success Stories

Joanne Kan, Royal Crown Diamond

Love it and share it! Joanne was recognized as Royal Crown Diamond in 2015 Jun, and she was the first in Hong Kong! What are the successful tips?

“In Young Living, I have learnt that you can do the same thing using different methods and still achieve the same goal. To let your team success, you have to provide with them what they need, but not what you think they need. If you want organization grow, the most important thing is to grow yourself first! Someone once told me “Your organization can only be as big as you.”
Gretchen King-Ann, Royal Crown Diamond

Gretchen is always a typical character of happiness – having well-developed career, husband who loved her and adorable daughter. As a wife and a mom, family is always the priority! Gretchen used her first bottle of Young Living essential oil was solely eager for providing a better lifestyle with natural health for her family!

Gretchen is very amiable and simple. That was why she chose Young Living which was introduced by her best friend even though she had no ideas about essential oil. This simple decision led her go into an amazing journey with Young Living.

Vivian Wan & Alan Chik, Royal Crown Diamond

Most people in Young Living knows “famous” Vivian Wan because of her amazing achievement! She achieved the rank of Royal Crown Diamond within 21 months since joining Young Living as a new member! She is also the youngest Asian Royal Crown Diamond leader!

Before joining Young Living, Vivian had a well-developed career as a Director of Digital Marketing. Aside from being a busy executive, she is also a mother. Vivian was first interested in Young Living essential oils because she wanted to improve the health of her son. But it did not take long for Vivian, with a marketing career background, to spot the business opportunity that Young Living offers – which has now changed the life of her family.

Fiona Lui, Royal Crown Diamond

Fiona has always been looking for healthy options for her family and her daughters. When she got introduced Young Living, she purchased her first Premium Starter Kit with no hesitation because she agrees with Young Living’s belief.

"I want my children to grow up in a healthy environment and provide them with the best. I am open to try anything that is of high quality and beneficial to their health!” said Fiona. This was how Fiona started her life-changing journey with Young Living Essential Oils. Within 6 years, Fiona went from “does not hurt to give it a try” to having a growing team as now a Royal Crown Diamond as well as obtained a number of professional qualifications in aromatherapy. She is no longer “just” a mother of two.
Korbut Wong & Joseph Lau, Royal Crown Diamond

Korbut’s team has grown to over twenty-five thousand members over the past five and a half years since Korbut joined Young Living in 2015. Her team consist of elites of various industries.

In the past two years, Korbut already visited Australia, France, Ecuador, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hawaii, and many places with Young Living. These trips not only brought her unforgettable memories but also valuable experiences and inspiration.

Because of the love in Young Living products, the confidence in the company, and the trust in her team, Korbut achieved the rank of Diamond within seven months from enrolling as a new member. This has broken Young Living’s record around the globe!
Maggie Tong & Hill Ngan, Royal Crown Diamond

After Maggie and Hill participated in Young Living's volunteer service in Uganda and Nepal respectively, they have a better understanding of the Gary Young's mission and find their meaning of life: “Success is not determined by how capable or powerful you are, but how you can empower others.”

Along the journey, Maggie is very grateful that she has built a close relationship with her team. Although Gary has passed away, his teaching and spirit have become the motto of the Maggie’s team.

Maggie and Hill would like to thank the team for their trust. They are fortunate to recognize everyone and hope to share again “You can do anything as long as you are attentive. Your dream is in your hands, and we are all proud of you!” to everyone and continue to lead their team with love.
Betty Chu, Royal Crown Diamond

With her academic background in microbiology (from US) and health management (from Australia), Betty is a registered medical laboratory technologist and has worked in a few healthcare institutes and organizations. Although it was a coincidence how she started her Young Living journey, her first purchase (a Premium Starter Kit) triggered Betty’s interest in essential oil and the science behind it.

“After owning the Premium Starter Kit, I was very interested in learning and finding out more about essential oils. I read and did research on them. I found out so much about botanical sciences and the rationale behind essential oils. That makes so much sense! This has totally changed my perspective on essential oils which I had in the past 20 years. It turns out that top-graded, high quality essential oils really have significant positive effects on our body and mind,” Betty explained. This is why Betty is very keen on sharing Young Living with people around her because she wants more people to benefit from using Young Living essential oils.

Sum Sum Yip, Crown Diamond

Before joining Young Living, Sum Sum was a secondary school English teacher and has a single child, Titus. Five years later, Sum Sum has become a team leader with nearly 10,000 members where there are silver leaders in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia. How exactly did Young Living transform Sum Sum from a teacher into a crown-diamond leader with three children? It turned out to be closely related to her childhood experience.

In recent years, Young Living has been continuously developing other Asian markets, and Sum Sum has also taken advantage of this rare opportunity to follow the company's vision of "Bringing Young Living to every family in the world." She went to China, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea and other places to open up markets and share products with different people. After a lot of hard work, thanks to the outstanding products of Young Living, team leaders emerged one after one in these districts.
Claire Lee, Diamond

Claire Lee is a Doctor of Medicine for physical, mental, and holistic health and has 12 years of experience as an international baby massage instructor and she has twin daughters. Her Young Living story begins with a bottle of Thieves essential oil. Ever since she started sharing and using Young Living, she has personally felt that the healthier her friends are, and the happier they are, which has also been her motivation.

While building Young Living's career, in addition to letting her add a lot of health knowledge and being able to meet a group of like-minded good friends, she feels this is the biggest gift Young Living brings to her! At the same time, in every class, she can find her true self.
Phoebe Li, Diamond

Thank you Young Living for giving me so much! Because of Young Living, I have met a lot of friends who can work in an environment they like and enjoy, and truly be dedicated and happy. In Young Living, I was able to meet my favorite products and supportive upline members. Providing round-the-clock support, help me to establish a sense of belonging to Young Living. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow, learn, improve and change.

If I was asked again if I had made the wrong choice, my answer is “absolutely not”. I just want to say that it would be better if I knew Young Living earlier! I am also very grateful to my upline members who have introduced Young living business to me. They become my teachers and also my friends. I would also like to thank my team members for their hard work. Without their sense of responsibility, dedication, and intentions, laughter to encourage and help each other, I can't be who I am now. Thank you all!
Adeline Choy & Alex Lam, Diamond

From a full-time mom to a leader in Young Living business, Adeline has transformed, and she enjoyed this change very much. In addition to a lot of valuable personal growth experience, Young Living helps her build confidence and achieve purpose and a more meaningful life.

Adeline would like to thank God for introducing her to Young Living. She would also like to thank her enroller Vivian Wan (a Royal Crown Diamond leader), her husband Alex, Young Living's founder D. Gary Young, and every member in her team!She hopes that she can continue to bring health and happiness to more families and allow more people to feel the love and positive energy!
Emma Tong & Anthony Yan, Diamond

Emma found it difficult in the beginning of her Young Living journey as everything is a new challenge to her. Emma remembers for the first live broadcast; she was nervous for a month and even too embarrassed to answer questions in the chat group. Emma thanks for Young Living providing an opportunity for her to learn deeply of herself and understand the theory of “practice makes perfect” by not giving up so easily.

"Gary's attitude towards people and things, he saw the good side in everyone, and he also uses essential oils to connect everyone together. This deeply moved me. Therefore, I promised to spread this culture and influence others’ life with my life." Emma believes that Young Living is not only a business to her, but also gives her a chance to pursue her dreams, affirm her life value, and give her a chance to reflect on her life! She is very grateful to her team and her husband, Anthony, for sharing the same belief, being a companion to spread the spirit of Young Living.

Dim Sum Chan, Diamond

Being an Early Childhood Educator and a breastfeeding mum, Dim Sum said she needs to know what she applies and practices. As she firstly got in touch with Young Living essential oil, she was filled with hesitation. Striving for better understanding of essential oil, she kept on learning, trying with proof and evidence. She was grateful to the multi-learning activities, networking opportunities organized by Young Living.

I have never imagined the existence of Young Living products in my life could bring such a remarkable improvement to my family’s well-being. Regardless the stress from working alone for business and family have put me a lot of strain in my health, Young Living empowers her to be free from limitation and grants her resources leading to a balanced and healthy life. Thus, she can look after her family and adhere to the pursuit of her goal for a profession of top quality.
Ada Chan, Diamond

Ada was an investment banker for many years. Though successful, she treated that as just a job. Things changed until she met Young Living, a company she trusts from the bottom of her heart. The key of course is the good fortune to come across a trust-worthy company. Ada found Young Living to be a sound company with 25 years of history, healthy corporate culture, with genuine intentions. Now she feels grateful and blessed to be able to share the secret to success with many friends around her as well.

Young Living is a place where people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle converge. Ada deeply believes that anyone who loves essential oils or natural products, cares about health, and have the heart to share with others selflessly and systematically what they know and learnt, will inevitably build a close and healthy team.

Angel Au, Diamond

Love it, share it! I always love sharing everything that I love to people around me. When I started using essential oils, I love the oils so much, so I share with my friends my amazing experience of using essential oils.

Young Living has good products and good culture. I believe choosing the right company is halfway to success, and the other half is developing good relationship and communication with my team. I am very grateful to have my husband, my family, my enroller Phoebe and my team for their full support.

Phoebe Ying, Diamond

Phoebe was a music educator who owned her own studio. Due to her son’s development needs, she gave up her career and became a full-time mother. In the eyes of others, she had an easy life and a happy family, however, she was deeply distressed and worried by her son's growth and development as well as her personal health condition.

Phoebe hopes to lead by example and be a role model for his sons.  Now she has successfully transformed and found her own value, because YL's career has broaden her horizon, she has the opportunity to visit different countries to communicate with members, experience YL's unique farm experience, actively participate in charity foundation activities. Her sincerity has gained her great reputation and popularity.

Sici Chong, Diamond

In 2021, Sici who initially shared her cooking and life experiences exclusively on her blog embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship by opening an online lifestyle store, with the support and encouragement of her husband, Kay. Originally, she hoped to share one of her beloved products, Young Living KidScents Toothpaste, through her online store. However, she learnt from Joanne and Gretchen, her team's two Royal Crown Diamond leaders, that selling Young Living products online without approval was not permitted. Although a bit disappointed, this led her to gain comprehensive understanding of Young Living, and she then decided to give it her all to build this business, as it would provide her the opportunity to help more people. Sici also publicly announced her decision on her blog, venturing into this extraordinary journey with a genuine passion.

Not only does Sici has a passion for sharing, but she also sets high expectations for herself. From the very beginning, she has already been eager to ask and learn everything about product knowledge and skills to assist her team from her mentors, Joanne and Gretchen. At the same time, Sici’s consistent learning, sharing and follow-up nurtured her team to thrive. She herself also won multiple incentive programs of the company, as well as becoming the top enroller for two consecutive years, as well as achieved the rank of Diamond.