Adeline Choy & Alex Lam


Success Motto︰When you keep an open mind and are willing to step out of your comfort zone, you can achieve far more than you could ever have expected!

Before joining Young Living, Adeline was a full-time mom. Adeline and her husband Alex live a typical ordinary life with their two lovely daughters. Like many mothers, Adeline came into contact with Young Living because of her child's health.

Adeline is very gentle and often quiet. She admitted that this was one of the challenges she had, and she was glad that she has stepped out of her comfort zone.

“I was quite introverted and shy. I was very nervous and uncomfortable to speak in front of a crowd when I first started hosting workshops. I must apply Valor, Believe and Peace & Calming oils at the beginning of the day.”

From her own experience, Adeline understands that the first step is always hard. Once she took the courage to step out of her comfort zone, she immediately found herself more confident than before. This is the power of courage!
“Love it? Share it!” This is Young Living’s motto. Adeline started her wonderful journey with essential oils just by sharing.

“It is natural to share your good experience with friends. Since my child's health has been greatly improved, I want to bring this benefit to my friends around me. And when my friends told me that they feel the same way (essential oils are powerful!), I feel happy and satisfied in a way I cannot explain!”

Through simple and sincere sharing, Adeline developed a small team of essential oil lovers. What really changed her mind was her experience at Silver Retreat – a one of a lifetime experience that touched many other members’ hearts!

“Silver Retreat was an eye-opener. I had the opportunity to visit the Mona Farm in Utah, USA. I saw how essential oils were made in the distillery, I also talked to the staff and made friends with other oil lovers from around the world. This is when I deeply feel the founder D. Gary Young’s passion and love for nature and essential oils! Then, I told myself, ‘I need to be more active in sharing what I love - essential oils!’”

Over time, Adeline has developed a big team and has come across different challenges.

“I believe when there is love, mutual respect, willingness to help each other, all problems can be solved as long as one is grateful and optimistic!”

From a full-time mom to an entrepreneur, Adeline has transformed, and she enjoyed this change very much. In addition to a lot of valuable personal growth experience, Young Living helps her build confidence and achieve purpose and a more meaningful life.

“As long as you take the courage to step out of your comfort zone, you will find what you think is impossible becomes possible! What kind of job could offer you flexible working hours and expands your social life? What kind of job allows you to learn happily while doing the job you enjoy? What kind of job allows you to help people you love while bringing income? Young Living lets me realize that full-time moms can definitely have their own business!”

Adeline would like to thank God for introducing her to Young Living. She would also like to thank her enroller Vivian Wan (a Royal Crown Diamond leader), her husband Alex, Young Living's founder D. Gary Young, and every member in her team!

She hopes that she can continue to bring health and happiness to more families and allow more people to feel the love and positive energy!