Gretchen King-Ann

Royal Crown Diamond

Success Motto︰Passion + Hard Work + Time = Success

Gretchen is always a typical character of happiness – having well-developed career, husband who loved her and adorable daughter. As a wife and a mom, family is always the priority! Gretchen used her first bottle of Young Living essential oil was solely eager for providing a better lifestyle with natural health for her family!

Gretchen is very amiable and simple. That was why she chose Young Living which was introduced by her best friend even though she had no ideas about essential oil. This simple decision led her go into an amazing journey with Young Living.

“I believed! I shared!” Gretchen experienced the advantages of using Young Living products shortly, and thus she was eager to share Young Living to all the people around her. She was recognized as Young Living Platinum member in just more than a year! Gretchen expressed she had no ideas about building Young Living business in the very beginning. “I’m just confident on the products because the products demonstrated the difference on my own and my family! And thus, I am keen on sharing Young Living to everyone! I did not know this simple thought was already the cornerstone of my business. I even did not understand what my upline was saying when she told me that I was recognized as a Silver.”

Gretchen was invited to join the Young Living Silver Retreat, and the trip was a turning point of her Young Living journey. “That trip offered me an opportunity to meet with different leaders, and I know Young Living will be my lifetime career since then!”

As a parent, the simple wish is just accompanying the child without missing any valuable moment in their growth, but it is not that simple in Hong Kong. “The most treasured reward I gained from Young Living is to have more flexible time to stay with my family, even not missing any school activities of my daughter!” The mission of Young Living is to inspire individuals in wellness, purpose, and abundance. Gretchen was touched deeply and thank Young Living for letting her able to afford significant amount donation to help more people!

Time management is really a big challenge especially for a working mum with a little kid. “It’s really challenging for me to arrange time. Family must be the most important part in my life; thus, I just arrange my time around my family schedule. It does not mean that I build Young Living business because I am free to. Instead, I grab every moment I could to build the team!” Hardworking and concentration are essential elements of Gretchen’s success! Gretchen also very focus on self-development. “To be success, leader has to keep on learning! I read books, take courses, and even interact with different leaders to motivate myself to improve!”

As the saying goes “Direct selling is a business with duplication.” This positive attitude was duplicated to Gretchen’s group. “Young Living taught me how to face difficulties and people with different personalities. We always believe it is not difficult to build Young Living business only if we keep positive mind and working hard!”

Gretchen’s dream is to aspire all people to have more healthier life through Young Living.”

Gretchen appreciated her upline leader, Joanne, for the leading on the road of her Young Living business; the founders of Young Living – Dr. Gary Young and Mary Young for the high quality essential oil products. Finally, her husband, Andy, for the support all the time.