Joanne Kan

Royal Crown Diamond Leader

Success Motto︰Be the change you want to see in the world

  • Joanne's passion for Young Living’s mission kickstarted her business and propelled her to become a role model and leader in the company.

    Her Young Living journey began in 2011, when she was looking for household products formulated without toxins. After her positive experience with Young Living products, Joanne started sharing them with her friends and family. Once she received her first check in the mail, she realized this was a great way to share what she loves, help others, make some extra money, and still be able to stay home with her children! Joanne reached Gold rank in 2013.

    Before Joanne discovered Young Living, she had aspired to become a Waldorf early childhood teacher because she wanted to nurture children and educate parents. Young Living allows her to do just that and more! Beyond her role as an educator, Joanne is a mother, international speaker, author, and entrepreneur.Joanne's success helped launch the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China markets and are currently leading the largest Chinese global team in Young Living. Her team includes Six Royal Crown Diamonds and many other Diamonds!

    Joanne looks forward to new challenges in her life. She says, “Growth mindset is important. I adapt and stay positive when met with challenges. See them as ways to becoming a better version of myself.” One of those challenges was writing the book Following the Leader, a book dedicated to her beloved mentor—and Young Living Founder—D. Gary Young. In her book she retells what she learned and observed from Gary over the 30 times she worked closely with him beginning in 2011 until he passed away in 2018.