Fiona Lui

Royal Crown Diamond

Fiona has always been looking for healthy options for her family and her daughters. When she got introduced Young Living, she purchased her first Premium Starter Kit with no hesitation because she agrees with Young Living’s belief.

"I want my children to grow up in a healthy environment and provide them with the best. I am open to try anything that is of high quality and beneficial to their health!” said Fiona. This was how Fiona started her life-changing journey with Young Living Essential Oils.
Within 6 years, Fiona went from “does not hurt to give it a try” to having a growing team as now a Royal Crown Diamond as well as obtained a number of professional qualifications in aromatherapy. She is no longer “just” a mother of two.

"I initially joined Young Living purely because of my love for essential oils, but later I found that Young Living is not only a company that can improve the overall health of myself and my family, but it is also a platform for me to help other people. This brings me happiness and satisfaction that words cannot describe," said Fiona with pride.


“Essential oils bring me health in many ways including physical, mental and spiritual. Not only that do essential oils allow me to pursue a natural and holistic lifestyle, they also brought to me a career and even a new direction in my life." Fiona often humbly refers herself as “just” a housewife but not a professional expert in any industries. She is a living example to prove that as long as you have the passion and love what you are doing, Young Living is a stage where you can shine and you’re your own achievement as well as assisting others to shine.


She treats the whole journey as a hobby. When she thinks about it in this way, she would devote time into this “hobby” and enjoy it wholeheartedly. She is very grateful to be able to use her knowledge and experiences to help others. Her team is her biggest motivation and source of happiness. Her key to success is to build trust with teammates and be open to share knowledge with one another. When speaking with Fiona’s teammates, many of them said Fiona is hardworking and selfless! Fiona believes that if one is willing to give and care unconditionally first, that person would receive even more down the road.


This Young Living journey has also enriched her life and gave her the opportunity to serve the community. "I want to use my knowledge and experience to lead people around me to change their lives through Young Living and achieve wellness, purpose and abundance” said Fiona with satisfaction.

Lastly, Fiona would like to thank Young Living for this great opportunity as well as her husband Gary for the love and support!