Vivian Wan & Alan Chik

Royal Crown Diamond

Most people in Young Living knows “famous” Vivian Wan because of her amazing achievement! She achieved the rank of Royal Crown Diamond within 21 months since joining Young Living as a new member! She is also the youngest Asian Royal Crown Diamond leader!

Before joining Young Living, Vivian had a well-developed career as a Director of Digital Marketing. Aside from being a busy executive, she is also a mother. Vivian was first interested in Young Living essential oils because she wanted to improve the health of her son. But it did not take long for Vivian, with a marketing career background, to spot the business opportunity that Young Living offers – which has now changed the life of her family.

“I have had a good career, but my ultimate goal is to become a full-time mother so I can spend more time with my children and family. At that time, our household’s financial income did not allow me to give up my full-time job. On the other hand, my husband’s busy job required him to travel out of Hong Kong frequently. So, we were really looking for an opportunity to make a change!” Vivian believed (and still believes) that Young Living is the opportunity that she has been looking for. Thus, she devoted into her Young Living business whole-heartedly since the beginning.

The road was not smooth in the beginning, Vivian felt stressful especially when her husband was not supporting her. “My husband, Alan (like many people), had a bad impression on network marketing, so he was against me building Young Living business at the beginning. It was until he saw my determination along with our son’s health improvement, he finally changed his mind. And now, he loves Young Living more than I do!!” When you see the happy smile on Vivian and Alan’s faces now, you will understand that all the challenges they overcame together were worth it.

We still can see how passionate Vivian is on her Young Living business after these few years, “There are over 60 benefits on having a Young Living business, such as helping others, flexible schedule, etc. Young Living is, by far, the “job” I enjoyed the most!”

Without a doubt, leading a team of tens of thousands of people is not an easy task. “Being able to ‘lead the team’ is the biggest challenge in business development! I hope everyone in the team grow! My job as a leader is to identify team members’ strengths and expertise. Then, I will work with individuals to help them grow.

Vivian shared one of many stories that inspired her a lot. “We have a Silver leader in our team. She was very nice and everyone loved her. Unfortunately, she passed away because of cancer at a young age. Even until today, her team members are still working very hard on the business side because they all want to do something (and help build the business) for this leader’s young daughter.” Vivian is still very saddened about the loss. On the other hand, Vivian is very fortunate that Young Living has given her the opportunity to be part of something bigger and advocate the mission statement of Young Living - honor stewardship to champion nature's living energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

On the road of developing her Young Living business, Vivian has gained all-rounded abundance. “I have gained so much on my health, family, friendship, wealth, career and self-development. Young Living let us choose what we want to use, what we want to do, what we want to spend on……has allowed my family to be closer to each other while reaching out to help others. I am so grateful to have met many people and made friends through Young Living. I know they will be here for me whenever I need help!”

Vivian would like to thank her husband – Alan, her family, D. Gary Young (the Founder of Young Living) and Mary Young, all leaders and cross-line partners in the team, and special thanks to the Former Greater China General Manager, Tyler Williams, who inspires her leadership and motivates her to take new challenges!

Vivian said she would not be successful without her team. “My wish is very simple. I wish everyone in my team to be happy. And I am always here to assist them to make their dreams come true. Seeing people in the team being able to make choices and see how Young Living changes them is priceless!”