Betty Chu

Royal Crown Diamond

Success Motto︰There’s always a solution to every problem

Betty is all into natural and non-toxic living because she has a weak and sensitive body since she was a kid. The story of how she met Young Living is, in fact, due to a misunderstanding.

“My friend Korbut told me she was looking for a venue to host a general health seminar, so I gladly lent her my company’s space free of charge. Not until later I realized that it was a Young Living essential oil seminar. As a matter of fact, it is a company policy to charge rental for commercial-related activities. Since it was my fault for not confirming with Korbut beforehand about the intended usage and I did not feel right to ask my friend for the rental fee after promising her on the free rental. So, I ended up offer to purchase a Premium Starter Kit from Korbut, so I could tell my company it was me using the place. This was my funny story on how I proactively asked to make a purchase and joined Young Living without knowing ANYTHING about the products or the company.” Betty laughed.

With her academic background in microbiology (from US) and health management (from Australia), Betty is a registered medical laboratory technologist and has worked in a few healthcare institutes and organizations. Although it was a coincidence how she started her Young Living journey, her first purchase (a Premium Starter Kit) triggered Betty’s interest in essential oil and the science behind it.

“After owning the Premium Starter Kit, I was very interested in learning and finding out more about essential oils. I read and did research on them. I found out so much about botanical sciences and the rationale behind essential oils. That makes so much sense! This has totally changed my perspective on essential oils which I had in the past 20 years. It turns out that top-graded, high quality essential oils really have significant positive effects on our body and mind,” Betty explained.

This is why Betty is very keen on sharing Young Living with people around her because she wants more people to benefit from using Young Living essential oils.

Just by simple sharing with people around her, Betty has unintentionally started building her Young Living business already. She admitted that even when she was being recognized as a Gold leader when she advanced in rank, she was still not focusing on “building” a team. She was just a happy user sharing what she loves to use. It was until late 2015, she made a promise to herself after attending the Young Living Asia-Pacific Summit in Singapore.

“At the Summit, I met many new friends from other countries. When my sponsor Korbut introduced me to other leaders, I was silly enough to say my rank wrongly. So, I teased myself that I am a ‘soon-to-be’ Platinum leader! But my new friends only heard the part that I was a Platinum leader, even though I clarified again and again, they have already associated me as a Platinum. I didn’t want them to misunderstand me and thought I lied, so I told myself that I need to rank advance soon, very soon! After returning to Hong Kong from Singapore, for the first time, I seriously put some thought into my existing Young Living sales organization and strategically worked on what I needed to. Guess what? I achieved the rank of Platinum within 3 weeks’ time!!” Betty exclaimed.

Do not underestimate the power of promises made to yourself. Prior to joining Young Living, Betty has involved in several industries and has been a successful entrepreneur. Even when she has achieved the rank of Platinum (and fully agrees with Young Living’s vision and mission), she did not intend to change her career focus. In 2016, her sponsor Korbut invited Betty to attend the Diamond Retreat which has changed her mind again.

“During the few days at the exclusive Diamond Retreat, I met over 200 Diamond leaders around the world. I saw it with my own pair of eyes that Young Living can provide health, happiness, peace, time, global friendship and continuous learning. I was truly inspired by the trip. I was very eager to live an all-rounded balanced life Young Living can support. In fact, not just me living this life, but with my teammates too!” said Betty.

However, when Betty was very motivated to build her Young Living business, she came across a big challenge.
“My husband is a medical professional. He was very reluctant on the use of essential oils on him and our children," Betty said.
Family support is very important to Betty. Yet her husband’s resistance did not cause her to give up. To help her husband understand what she does, she invited her husband to attend sharing sessions hosted by professionals (a third party). With her perseverance and patience, her husband has started to accept essential oil which is a new concept to him.

Betty has been very successful in the industry she has been working in, but she enjoyed working with the team at Young Living because she saw the uniqueness of Young Living,

“Essential oil itself has the (amazing) energy which will bring the ‘right’ people together. Getting started with the Young Living business is relatively easy. You get the support and you see the return of investment quickly. The whole concept is, in fact, very fun!” Betty shared.
“Young Living is fun” has become a selling point among Betty’s team. Betty has developed a charming team culture that includes being positive and optimistic, be grateful, support each other, promote love and positivity!

No matter at school or at work, Betty has been a hard worker since childhood, she has already achieved work life balance from her career in an early time. While Young Living can also provide her work life balance, she is grateful that Young Living brings even more than these.
“From Young Living, I earn friendships from all over the world, the health in body and mind, the happiness, the peacefulness, etc. These are far more precious than money.” Betty said gratefully.

To conclude, Betty would like to thank her sponsor, Korbut Wong, the founder of Young Living -D. Gary Young and all her team members for the ongoing support and helping her become a better person. Her lifelong goal is to bring positivity to people around her and make the world a better place for everyone.