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Raising kids can be a challenge. Fortunately, Young Living is here to make the job a little easier. Parents around the world rely on Young Living products to help give their kids the TLC they need, including our own Young Living employees! We sat down with six of these in-house experts to find out about their tried-and-true YL favorites for kids.


Lyndi Smith, Vice President of Global Marketing

Lyndi SmithMother of daughter age 5

“My daughter downs NingXia Red® 2-oz. singles daily! She says they taste like flowers, which must be a good thing because she always asks for seconds. She enjoys them the most when they’re frozen. It’s like a slushy but without all of the artificial colors and excess sugar. It’s a treat I can feel great about giving her and that she adores eating! As any parent knows, those can be hard to come by.”


Erin Stewart, Senior Editor

Erin Stewart's FamilyMother of daughters ages 6 and 2

“Using Thieves® essential oil blend has become a ritual in our home. With a daughter in first grade and the other in day care, I don’t take any chances when it comes to prepping them for their day. For our family, that includes rubbing a few drops of Thieves on their feet before they leave the house. They love the way it smells, and I love knowing that Thieves is with them wherever they go.”


Brady Crump, Online Marketing Specialist

Brady Crump's FamilyFather of sons ages 3 and 18 months

“Before KidScents® Slique Toothpaste, brushing teeth was a big struggle in our house. Now the kids are often the ones to remind us that it’s ‘time to scrub off those sugar bugs.’ I love giving them a non-fluoride toothpaste, and they love that it’s special just for them and also tastes great. We usually have 3–4 types of toothpaste in our house at any given time, but the kids make sure that only KidScents touches their toothbrushes. If for some reason we run out, there are always lots of tears, so we make sure to keep the pantry well stocked.”


Shane Smith, Senior Director of Content Marketing and Communications

Shane Smith's FamilyFather of sons ages 6 and 3

“My six-year-old has a Dino Land Ultrasonic Diffuser, and my three-year-old has a Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser. Every night before bed, they ask me to ‘turn on the smoke.’ Their favorite essential oils to diffuse are Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, and Thieves®. I always get a kick out of how meticulous they are about picking which oil to diffuse. They love to carefully examine each bottle, smell the oils, and tell me why they want to diffuse whichever one they pick: ‘I want Lemon because the sun was out all day,’ or ‘I want Peppermint because my teacher gave me a candy cane.’ The YL kid’s diffusers help make bedtime fun for them and easy for me!”


Eli Adams, Global Search Marketing Manager

Eli Adams' FamilyFather of daughters ages 5, 3, and 2 and son age 6 months

“We often use a DIY essential oil ‘brave spray’ of Lavender, Rose, and water to help us get through tough moments at our house. When our five-year-old has a big mess to clean up or we’re trying to potty train our two-year-old, we let them use the brave spray for a comforting scent that offers a little boost of courage. The brave spray always comes out before bedtime. The kiddos spray it in their closets, under their beds, and even in the cracks between the floor boards—any place a monster might be hiding. The ritual of the brave spray helps them overcome their fears, and the floral smell helps them have happy thoughts.”


Travis Rasmussen, Marketing Asset Manager

Travis Rasmussen's FamilyFather of daughters ages 11 and 1 and sons ages 13, 8, and 4

“Gary’s True Grit™ NingXia Berry Syrup helps my family start the day off right. We add it to our morning spinach berry smoothies for just a touch of extra sweetness that the kids can’t get enough of. They also love it on top of whole-wheat pancakes or waffles and in their oatmeal. It’s a great alternative to typical ultra-processed, corn syrup-based options that come from the grocery store, and it even provides the benefits of essentials oils and fruit extracts!”


UPDATE: Congratulations to our giveaway winner, Lacey Bogart! Thank you to everyone who participated.

What Young Living products do you and your children love? Share with us in the comments below for a chance to win one (1) 15ml bottle of Lavender, one (1) 15ml bottle of Thieves®, and one (1) 15ml bottle of Peppermint! We will randomly select a winner on Wednesday, December 7. The retail value of these products is $103.62.

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  • Monica

    I will be receiving the Kidscents oils this month as the freebie and I have heard they contain coconut oil. I wanted to know if that was true. I was planning to use them in my classroom this year and I have a coconut allergy.

  • Aly Clawson Cooper

    So I recently had a friend ask: “I know that the kidscents oils are for age 2 and up but how are they already diluted for kids between the ages of 2-12? I thought dilution was based on age?” i thought this was a great questions but wasn’t sure how to respond.

    • Hi Aly, Through our research and skin sensitivity testing, we have determined that the KidScents oils are suitable for direct application for children ages 2-12 as directed on the product labels. With that being said, every person has unique sensitivities. For those new to essential oils, we would suggest testing the oil on a small location before applying it to the desired area. We also recommend having a carrier oil such as V-6™ close by in case additional dilution is required for the individual child. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sharon Allen

    Can you use regular lavender or Peace and Calming on the feet of a 7 year old at night to help them sleep? Which is the best to use to help them sleep?

    • Young Living

      Hi Sharon, Although we do recommend extreme caution when using essential oils for children, through our research and 20+ years of experience, we have found that essential oils can be safe and beneficial for people of all ages. However, due to the extreme sensitivities of children and the fact that individual reactions will vary, we do not have a list of specific oils that can/cannot be used with children available to provide. We suggest consulting a health care provider to determine what is right for your children. We recommend referring to the individual label directions for any age restrictions as well. Essential oils should be diluted for use on children. We suggest using a patch test procedure prior to ensure the oil is properly diluted for the child. To perform a patch test, apply 1-2 drops of EO to a patch of skin such as the forearm.

  • I really enjoyed reading your post. I thought your post was beautifully written. Many thanks for sharing!

  • Rick Griffiths

    I’ve been interested in EOs for some time now, just signed on with YL as a seller. Personally have been trying to learn as much as I can about these amazing oils and products. I have just received my YL text book and am looking forward to a more in depth results oriented approach based on knowledge to using oils. Every day is a new experience so far using oil topically and by diffusion. I’ve used different oils in the past and the YL product is to me a step above rest.

  • R. Anderson

    The posts were helpful. We are new to the oils, but SO far my kiddos are loving Lavender rubbed on their fee..

  • Laura Wright

    My 11 year old daughter LOVES thieves.

  • Nicole Cusate

    Thank you YL for giving me the opportunity to make and use great products for my family!

  • Jessica Roederer

    I don’t have kids yet, but my little brother uses roll-on oils on his feet before bed each night. When I’m at work, I like to diffuse lavendar or Peace and Calming 2 during naptime, and wear a calming oil like StressAway to soothe little ones in the baby room. And of course, thieves on my feet when there’s sickness going around!

  • Shannon Conner

    Since beginning YL, my son has been excited about trying the new oils. He always says that when I do his rollers on his feet that they “tickle” he calls them his “tickle tickles.” Now when I receive my ER order he sees the YL bag and goes “more tickle tickles” and gets so excited. He loves how they make him feel relaxed (mommy too), ever since I have been using Peace and Calming, and a blend from a make and take party. I am so grateful to begin this journey with my 4 year old.

  • Margaret Brady

    My kids love the Thieves Toothpaste! Tummygize is a life saver and Owie is a major staple in our house. Lavender and Cedarwood in a roller bottle every night as part of our bedtime routine. The list is never ending.

  • griselda hasselbring

    thieves and RC are my two favorite to use with my kids.

  • Jessica Haller

    My 6 year old LOVES Peace and Calming, and i depend on it to help him sleep better at night. God blessed him with loads of good energy 😉
    We also love NingXia red packets. My 5 year old downs one a day. 👍

  • Angie dempsey

    Loving thieves, lavender and r.c!!

  • Stacy Johnson

    We use NingXia Red daily. My kids “cheers” each other with their glasses full! Lavender and Thieves are a staple in our day.

  • Glenna Mulder

    We love Citrus Fresh, it smells so good and lifts our spirits too. We also love Purification, Wintergreen and Peace and Calming ll. We use a lot of these as well as Lavender and Thieves.

  • Linda A

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Linda A

    Love Thieves with kids in daycare!

  • Linda A

    Love Thieves!

  • Tracy White

    Sleepy cream mix and Tummygize have become staples in our home.

  • Tracy White

    We make an awesome sleepy mix with Peace and Calming, Lavender and Valor! YL oils have made such a difference in our home!

  • My teenage daughter now has her own YL oil “stash” in her bathroom. She’d borrow an oil from me and then somehow it ended up on her bathroom counter. No complaints here. I did buy her a nice bowl to keep all the oils she “borrowed” from me so she can see them easily. She uses Stress Away every morning and her favorite night time diffusing combo is Idaho Blue Spruce and Spearmint. Thankful for YL and the positive difference the products make in my family’s every day life. 🙂

  • My three boys love to have lavender diffusing at night in their bedrooms. But, I think our most helpful products have been frankincense and lemon essential oils mixed with a little coconut oil to make a roll on.

  • Katherine Taylor

    I have a 11month old and gentle baby has been one of my favorites. The smell is so pleasant and relaxing!

  • Kimberly Spielbauer

    My kids have a Dino diffuser and every night we diffuse lavender and ceadarwood in their room to support a sound sleep. We also use thieves on their feet to support immune system. All my kids love the toothpaste too!! Can’t imagine life without oils in this house! 🙂

  • Becky Giberson

    Tummygize is essential at our house.
    Super C has helped support our immunity too.

  • Deana

    We love lavender

  • Megan

    My daughter, age 3, loves when any of the kidscents oils arrive cause she knows they are specifically for her.

  • Jennifer

    My son (9) has loved Peace & Calming for years! He gets nightly foot massages and asks for oils. I have also given it to his teachers most years for a Christmas gift and every one of them have shown much appreciation. I’m not sure they use it themselves or for the whole class more. I also keep his backpack stocked with the samples.

  • I’m an Aunt and was visiting my sister and her four amazing little cuties ages five and under. Three girls and a boy. That evening before going to bed I brought out my oils and started applying to my feet before bedtime. There was immediate curiosity when they saw me do this. So I told them that they could have some on their feet too if they wanted. And that they could each pick out one they liked. They wanted to smell each one… which was fun for them, and it wasn’t till the 4 year old discovered the peppermint, that her eyes lit up and she exclaimed. “I want THAT one!” After they had gone to bed, I told my sister that her little one had a particular love for peppermint over anything else… and my sister seemed puzzled on why that was until it dawned on her… oh yes! That would be why… no wonder! She has an intense love for chocolate, and it would have reminded her of the peppermint chocolate we’ve had! This was an especially endearing moment that I’ll carry with me for years to come.

  • Lynn Powell

    Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint in a diffuser. My 14 year old takes a small roller of peppermint everyday to school. Thieves and Purification is diffused in his bedroom.

  • Carol Robertson

    My 5 & 7 year old grandsons love their new Dino-land Infuser. At bedtime, they can’t wait to place their drops of Sleepyize in their “steaming volcano”. The 7 year old (wanna be paleontologist) said to me, “each night I
    actually fly off to Neverland with Peter Pan himself. We pick up Capt Hook by the scruff of his neck & come back to my room & dump him into the infuser’s volcano. The T-Rex is up all night & keeps Hook from escaping. Then the T-Rex goes to sleep @ 1st light so Hook escapes & flies back to Neverland.” I asked him why he & Peter Pan lock Hook inside the volcano. He said, “So we can fly around with the Ptyredactlyl without Hook’s cannonballs taking us out.” …Thank you YL for creating an infuser to capture my Grandsons’ young imaginative minds!! 😄

  • Kelly Taylor

    At first my son wanted NOTHING to go with my oils, now he has his own diffuser and has about 10 different oils he LOVES. His favorites are thieves and peppermint. He likes to put them in little bottles and carry them in his pocket to smell throughout the day. It’s so cute. I’m ordering the toothpaste this month in hopes he will love it!

  • Lorraine Moyse

    Oh my… what doesn’t our son use would be quicker!!! He starts the day with Kindscents toothpaste, then uses shower gel, shampoo, focus blend made with peppermint, vetiver and lavender as these help plus are his favorites. Ningxia for breakfast…. plus more and finally ends with a blend he makes and adds to his diffuser

  • Ashley Miller

    I use a lavender linen spray on my little one’s bedding each night and I use a roller with Peace & Calming on his feet to help him relax and wind down for bedtime.

  • Jill

    Our kids love our oils! Peppermint and lemon in the diffuser in the morning. Stress away after school. Immune roller at night! And others depending on the day!!

  • Eloquence Na

    I love using Frankinsence as part of my beauty routine!

  • Michelle Goldner

    My kids ask for a DIY roller I made with DiGize and Peppermint.

  • Tara Heidrich

    Love young living for my family!

  • Cassandra Wegleitner

    We love the KidScents toothpaste! My sweet girl is 17 months old and LOVES to brush her teeth! I love that I don’t have to worry about her swallowing it and it keeps her mouth clean along with supporting her immune system!

  • Amber lowery

    My children love lavender!!! They roll it all over themselves!

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