What’s Your Essential Oil IQ?

24 March 9, 2016 - Sharing Essential Oils, Sharing the Lifestyle, Young Living Resources

Using essential oils is easy, but you should know a few things as you begin incorporating them into your life. To help you out—and test your essential oil IQ—we compiled this quiz about the myths and facts of essential oils.

How did you do? Tell us in the comments!

  • Mindfulnessa

    I scored a 10/12- not too shabby before my morning coffee…

  • Mindfulnessa

    I scored a 10/12. Not too shabby before my morning coffee 😉

  • Beverly Teseniar

    10/12 🙂

  • judy

    11 put of 12 yay!

  • Donna G

    11 put of 12. Not bad for a newbie 🤗🤗

  • Donna G

    11 out of 12. Not bad for a newbie 🤗🤗

  • Lynda

    Yay 12/12!!!

  • Patty McDaniel Ray

    10/12, looking forward to learning!

  • Sherry


  • Jamie


  • Mandy Powell Carlson

    11 out of 12 🙂 Yay! 🙂

  • Judy Pulscher

    12 of 12. Great review information

  • gina stoltz


  • Rachel


  • Michelle Rychtarik

    11 of 12….could not believe I knew that much about EO ! Looking forward to learning more. Missed question about placing oils on feet.

  • Debbie Peatdon

    10 of 12

  • Jane Frklic


  • Amy

    dang, I missed two! 🙁
    I put oils on my feet before bed so I said yes best place for them! Ha-of course there are many other ways to use them too! 🙂

  • Sue Hansen

    9/12 Great information!

  • I got 11 out of 12….missed number 7

  • Autumn Gooden

    9/12. Learned some cool stuff about Citrus and Wintergreen.

  • Marge

    I scored 10 out of 12 correct answers. The information you shared was very interesting!

  • Claudette

    Can’t wait to see the presentation Monday!

  • Rricia


  • Corri Windsor-Stevens

    10 out of 12!

  • Valorie Tintinger


  • Jill

    Woody hoo!!
    Thank you to my wonderful team and all the education offered.

  • Robin


  • Virginia zekaria

    11/12. I know I won’t win an oil since all the freebies allude me but I love the info and my oils as I find things they work well for:)

  • Jody

    Good info 10/12

  • 10/12 woohoo I guess some of what I read does actually sink in !

  • Doreen


  • Janet Rollings

    9/12 Guess I need to learn a little more!

  • Sandy Lee

    Sandy 10/12 I did better than I thought I would

  • sue triplett

    10/12 on the second try : )

  • Shayna Davila

    Im proud of myself 9/12 😁

  • Britnie

    I got 10/12 on the IQ test! Absolutely love essential oils & all that they do & benefit!

  • Darlene Dooley


  • Wendy Abbott

    Great info!

  • Dianne Martin

    I got 8 right! Fun quiz, shows some of what you Know.

  • Melissa

    10/12. Ok

  • Susan

    7 correct

  • I got 9 out of 12

  • Deanne

    Fun. Did much better than I expected.

  • Brenda King

    I missed 1. I think I read the question wrong because there are actually very few oils I use without diluting them. There was only 1 I hesitated on before I answered . I think I did well 😊

  • Janie Newsom

    10 out of 12 wasn’t to bad. I actually shouldn’t have missed those two.

  • Beth

    5 right. I have an average EO know how.

  • Nadja cross

    Guessed right most of the time.

  • Kelley

    These oils are very interesting when i use them i wonder are they safe around animals especially cats

    • Young Living

      Hi Kelley, Special caution should be exercised when using essential oils with cats. Cats are generally averse to citrus essential oils and high-phenol oils. For a list of high-phenol oils, please contact productsupport@youngliving.com.

  • Mary Wood

    Very interesting! Some were lucky guesses.

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