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26 August 3, 2016 - Essential Oil Recipes, Essential Oils, For the Kids, Giveaways, Healthy & Fit, We Care, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

School is nearly back in session, which means new to-do lists and schedules. Don’t let the transition slow you down or stress you out. Instead, simplify the season with three easy lunches packed with wholesome snacks you’ll be happy to share with your family. Plus, they’re so tasty, there’s no way your kids will be tempted to swap lunches with anyone else!

Fruity “Sushi” Roll

Spread nut butter on tortilla, drizzle with honey, and lay banana slices evenly across tortilla. Tightly roll the tortilla and cut into “sushi” bites.

Also pack: Grapes, baby carrots, a Wolfberry Crisp Bar—Chocolate Coated, and bottled water.

Perfect Parfait

Layer yogurt, berries, and granola in a glass jar or other food storage container.

Also pack: Hummus, baby carrots, celery, popcorn, a NingXia Red® single, and bottled water.

Kid Kabobs


  • Chicken
  • Cucumber, peeled and cubed
  • Cheese, cubed
  • Cherry tomatoes


  • Grapes
  • Peaches, cubed
  • Berries

Alternate chicken, cucumber, cheese, and cherry tomatoes on a wooden skewer, or create a sweet kabob with grapes, peaches, and berries. Pack a few depending on your child’s preference and appetite!

Also pack: Organic Dried Wolfberries and bottled water.

** UPDATE **

Congratulations to Elizabeth S. our lucky giveaway winner! We truly appreciate everyone that shared their thoughts on these wholesome snacks!


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  • Alli French Lewis

    I love the idea with the skewers. My kids love eating with those! I love chicken marinated I’m lemon and lime EO! Thanks for the recipes!!

  • Deborah Rose Yeager

    These sound yummy for everyone, lol. Thanks for the recipes.

  • Rhoda

    I wish we would have had these kind of yummy snacks when I was going to school.

  • mickey kimata

    My self-proclaimed vegatarian middle grandson will love the fruit kabobs! He’s 4.

  • Jackie S.

    The kid kabobs sound amazing. I am excited to try that for my girlies. 🙂

  • These are amazing girl! Really love what you did with them!

  • Rhonda Miller

    Love these ideas, not only for the kids but as a nutrious alternative for myself as well!!! Thanks for the wonderful yummy ideas!!

  • I’ll be stocking up on NingXia singles, Wolf berry Crisp Bars, Slique Bars, Dried Wold berries and for my teens exam days, NingXia Zyng to make her feel special and get her through the day.

  • Robin Lavelle

    I would love to try the sushi rolls with peaches and neufchatel (light cream cheese).
    Apples w/chopped pecans, and honey, or apples, raisins, and honey.

  • Kelly Prevost

    Great Ideas!

  • Debra Anderson

    I love snacking through out the day, as it keeps my energy level.

  • Kori Klaue

    These are wonderful ideas for school lunches. Thank you! I am sure my children look forward to trying them.

  • Pam Zimmerman

    Love these ideas!

  • Reina

    Thanks for the recipes, I was looking for some lunch box ideas!

  • Tracy Vincent

    Great ideas! I will be giving these a try!

  • Lisa Muschler

    These are all fabulous ideas, 3 of my 4 littles would LOVE all of the ideas listed above. I think their favorite would be the little “sushi” rolls, their parents really like sushi, they don’t, so this would be fun for them. I’m going to have to try these for them when they come to spend the night. We love “cooking” together so it will be really fun for them to help with the process.

  • Susan Swanson

    I can’t wait to try the tortillas! Thank you for sharing the recipe!!

  • Alicia Calavan

    Beginning of school means back to work for me, which equals a very fast lunch! These are great suggestions as I try to think of some healthier options to take. Thanks!!

  • Fran

    Great lunch ideas!!!

  • Wow! Looks like there will be a lot of happy kids enjoying their lunch! Thanks for the great ideas.

  • Jessica Laubensheimer

    Always looking for some fun food ideas for the kiddos!

  • Paulette Shilling

    The fruit sushi is such a great idea. Everything looks so colorful! Bravo!

  • Tessa NIELSON

    Love these lunch ideas they can easily be made the night before a busy day.

  • I have a preteen and teen and they love everything on this list. They are not picky and makes lunch easy for me to pack. I think the most favorite is the parfait for snack because they love when I buy or make plain yogurt and put my own fruit,honey,or homemade granola on top. I look forward to trying the dried wolfberries to add to my granola. Sometimes I add it to my list but then and that removing it because I need to still try many oils and supplements first.

  • Jane Myers

    These sound great! I might even try them today!:) Thanks!

  • Nancy

    SUPER IDEAS! Kids have to take lunches everyday so these are PERFECT!

  • I love the Wolfberries and use the wherever I would use raisins or other dried fruit. They are great binders for snack bars. And I love the idea of the kebab for school lunches.

  • Tabitha

    My son would love the fruity “sushi” roll!! Great ideas for school lunches

  • Carrie Hartley

    I LOVE this!! I can’t wait to make these for my kiddos!! Such a healthy and fun lunch!!

  • Katie Foy

    LOVE all these easy ideas. I’d pack this lunch for myself or my husband!!

  • jenn8

    Thank for the ideas. Great find. My son starts school next week and I will be trying them out.

  • Yum! Can’t wait to try these!

  • Freida Whatley

    I see the Sushi roll as being the favorite for my Grands! They would think that was just awesome! I would add some of the new Einkorn granola and they would be so happy!!!

  • Rylie

    Love these ideas!

  • Kelsie

    I did a screen shot of each recipe and saved the page so thankful for this! Young living rocks my socks off!

  • Laurie Middendorf

    My kiddos will love to make the Fruity “Sushi” Roll as a healthy snack when they arrive home from school. It is simple ingredients that we always have in the house. And I will be happy knowing that they are getting a nutritious snack that they can make. I ordered my first bag of Einkorn flower this past month with my ER order. I am excited to start baking and giving my family a healthier option.

  • Felicia Hendricks

    Oh. I can’t wait to try this. School is starting back next week, but these might be a few I’ll have to make for my self.

  • Stacie Byers

    These recipes look delicious! Look forward to sharing them with my team! thank you much!

  • Elizabeth

    I would totally pack these in lunches for myself! And I doubt my little brothers would refuse them either. The fruit sushi sounds totally yummy.

  • Angela Greening

    I am totally going to try these recipes! My kids have been eating horribly this summer. Bye bye potato chips! Hello fruit and veggies and YL!

  • Ashley Conrad

    I love granola in my yogurt. I’m want to try the Einkorn granola!

  • Jessica Durham

    Great idea!!!!

  • Sally Wright

    The sushi is definitely one that I’ll try with my grand daughter!

  • Doris Spencer

    I can’t wait to try the granola in yogurt!! My DS daughter eats yogurt every day and I think she would love it. Also trying the sushi and skewers tomorrow! LOVE these ideas!!! I think some of them would also help her to lose the weight she needs to……..

  • Jennifer Carver

    Love this! Great for kiddos of all ages!

  • Carol Balderas

    Who said these are for kids??? Ok I’m a kid at heart! Will give them a try…Hi I’m new at oils and I’m so in love with them, so I won’t miss out on making these for me and my grand daughter!

  • Cyndi

    what great lunch ideas!

  • Sarah

    These ideas are great!

  • The fruity sushi roll sounds relish!

  • Tiffany

    The granola with greek yogurt, honey and berries is my favorite!!

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