You know the drill by now. You spend 10 minutes bundling up your kiddos in their winter gear. They troop outside into the snow and cold with big talk about building a snow fort, nailing each other with a flurry of snowballs, or building the best snowman since Frosty. Then—surprise, surprise—five minutes later, they’re back inside saying it’s too cold to play outside.

For those icy-cold winter days when you don’t want them plugged into screens all day, what do you do?

We’ve got ideas for indoor fun! Keep your kids tied up all day with fun activities, many of them aromatherapy inspired. They get to make special wintertime memories while you get to curl up with that new book and sip hot cocoa!

Adventures in aromatherapy

Keep your kids happy and entertained with these fun aromatherapy activities.

Kids playing with fake snow
  • Make your own snow. Whip up your own indoor winter wonderland with DIY fake snow! Easy to clean and sure to give your littles the giggles, this homemade snow takes just three ingredients and three easy steps to make.
  • Learn how to make slime with essential oils. Aromatic, sciencey, and great for all ages, your little guys and gals will get the biggest kick out of learning to make their own slime using essential oils.
  • Indulge their creativity with homemade finger paint. Let your mini Michelangelos explore their creative side with this recipe for homemade finger paint, which can include any child-safe essential oil to make a visual and aromatic masterpiece!
  • Take your next oil escapade to the moon. Homemade moon sand is tactile, colorful, and addictively playful! Press this super-moldable sand into any size and shape for hours of fun.
  • Mix up homemade play dough. Ready to combine aromatherapy, color, and creativity? Switch out that stale store-bought dough for this easy recipe for homemade essential oil playdough that’s great for hours of fragrant fun!
Essential oil playdough

Cold-weather coloring pages and more

When the weather outside is frightful, indoor time with your kids can be delightful! We’ve got crafts, coloring, and more, whether you’re staying put or striking out for grandmother’s house.

  • Crafts, snacks, and coloring—oh my! Coming up with a cool activity on the spot is no joke. That’s why we’ve got you covered with these suggestions for indoor crafts, snacks, and coloring pages.
  • Traveling with kids? No sweat. Heading over the river and through the woods with littles in tow takes so much prep work. Take some of the stress off with these tips for traveling with kids.
  • Download these free coloring pages. Fill any afternoon with fun with these Young Living-inspired coloring pages.

Squeaky-clean bathtime fun

Dreaming of getting those kiddos to bed so you can soak in a nice, relaxing bath? A fun bath can help tucker out those littles, so they fall right to sleep. Try some of these tips for a bathtime blast!

  • Splish, splash, and slide with these bath jellies. These fun and adorable DIY bathtub jellies make tub time a party with fabulous fragrances and playful pigments.
  • Enjoy a splash of color with DIY bathtub crayons. These DIY bathtub crayons are made specially for your bath and shower walls. They even double as soap!
  • Treasure these DIY geode bath bombs. Your older kids will get a thrill out of these gorgeous DIY geode bath bombs that sparkle like the real thing with deep, rich colors and your favorite essential oils.
DIY Bathtub crayons

YL tip: Let your kiddos help make their bathtime treasures for even more DIY fun!

With colder weather on its way, it’s time to break out those cookie sheets and whip up some healthy baked treats, like these einkorn pumpkin cookies.

What’s your favorite essential oil-inspired activity that you love doing with your kids?

Share the fun in the comments.