Guess the Young Living oil blend from these emojis!

9 July 13, 2016 - Essential Oils, Quiz

  • Mary

    8/8! I enjoyed learning about the different essential oils! Fun emojis!!

  • Stacy

    8/8 Just beginning my journey into oils , happy with experience so far . Thanks to Karen Hennig for introducing me to oils . ❤️😊

  • Angel

    7 /8 It was fun 😉

  • Bonnie Snyder

    That was interesting, just started with Young Living.

  • Carol Vanage

    7/8 not too bad

  • Debbie Redfield

    8/8 So proud! Loved this game, it was very educational! Got some new oils on my list!

  • Kathy Smallwood

    7/8 YL blend genius. Ok cool.

  • Laurie Comp

    8/8 🙂

  • 7/8 love being called a genius! Lol

  • Lynn

    6/8 It was fun !!

  • Sissy Zink

    6/8 but I accidentally pushed one while scrolling down😢 Absolutely love the YL oils!!

  • Debi Robinson

    Woo Hoo 8/8. Lauren Peter introduced me to the oily life.

  • Samiam

    7/8. YL genius. 🙂

  • Meredith Seeds


    Kelly Williams – you rock!

  • Cj Pangallo

    7/8… Kelly Williams

  • 8/8
    I LOVE my oils!!

  • Meena

    6/8. New to oils. Love what I have

  • Erica Goen

    7/8! Pretty good for someone who knows nothing about these oils! So excited to get my kit!!

  • 8/8 yes Mame!

  • Sonia Brown

    8/8 ! Love EO’S 😍

  • Sandy Chookittiampol

    I too only missed one.

  • Kris Cooper

    8/8….Love YLEOs!!!

  • Frances thornton

    I love YLEO and would have scored eight out of eight—except—I clicked one oil before reading all four choices–I am highly competitive and even tho seven is a great score–I always want to score the highest!!! i thank God for excellent health and especially mental and emotional health!

  • Olivia Elliott

    Only missed one!!!

  • Dana Fletcher

    8/8 wow!!

  • Carey

    8/8! Love YL!

  • Jo Johnson

    8/8 That was such fun!

  • Dr Kelly Davis

    8/8 😀 I love YLEO. Thank you to everyone who works for Young living and helps bring us these oil’s for our family’s health .

  • Charlotte Thompson

    8/8 not too shabby. Love my oils

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