21 Signs You’re Obsessed with Essential Oils

4 02/09/2019 - Lifestyle, WELLNESS

It’s an easy decision to start using and sharing Young Living essential oils. The positive benefits of essential oils can help not only you but your entire social circle. But be warned: Once you start, it’s almost impossible to go back.

Here are 21 signs that you are obsessed with essential oils.

  1. You’re pretty sure the answer to every problem is Thieves.
  2. Your whole family and circle of friends now use oils (except for that one uncle).
  3. You use essential oils on your kids . . . and your neighbours’ kids.
  4. For every situation, you start saying, “There’s an oil for that!”
  5. Preparing your bath feels a bit like Macbeth: “Double, double, no more toil or trouble, I’m using Harmony!”
  6. You can’t wind down at night without diffusing your Lavender. Non-negotiable.
  7. You diffuse Peace & Calming in the car to balance out the chaos of commuting.
  8. You believe that people who “don’t believe” in essential oils just haven’t tried them yet.
  9. Everything in your house smells like Citrus Fresh.
  10. You can’t get out of bed until you diffuse your Lemon each morning.
  11. You try and stay below the household budget so you can buy more oils.
  12. Before an important meeting you apply ‘Stress Away’ all over.
  13. You are convinced Peppermint is the answer to any head tension.
  14. You’ve used oils to make your own shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste.
  15. When people ask what perfume you’re wearing, you proudly tell them about each of the oils and their benefits.
  16. You can’t use “ordinary” cosmetics because your skin looks better using an oils beauty routine.
  17. You keep emergency oils in your purse, your backpack, your desk and your car.
  18. You have at least seven bottles of your favourite oil, just in case.
  19. Your Pinterest board for essential oils is overflowing with pins (but still compliant).
  20. When your neighbour is grumpy about your invitations to use essential oils, you suggest an essential oil to diffuse to help to elevate his grouchy mood.
  21. You have a special cupboard just for your oils, categorised by essential oil singles, essential oil blends and essential oils for flavour and cooking. They might just be colour coded, too.

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