We love using essential oils in diffusers on our bedside table, while soaking in baths, and during our skin care routine. But these drops of Mother Nature’s best are more than just at-home staples—they’re total game changers wherever you go!

Read on for how to utilize the power of essential oils while out and about, during your workday, and yes, also at home (we couldn’t resist!).

On the go

In your purse or backpack

“I don’t need any more calm,” said no one ever. Wherever your errands take you, a swipe of CBD Calm Roll-On on your neck, forehead, or wrists will go a long way to quiet your hectic day.

In your car

Has cruising in your car turned into a traffic terror? Drop light and bright essential oils into your Car Vent Diffuser while you navigate hectic highways.

Young Living Essential Oils Car Vent Diffuser

In your travel bag

No matter where you’re at, getting rid of gross grime is ideal. When your travel agenda looks a little more planes and trains and less automobiles, use Thieves® Wipes to spruce up public spaces with one swipe.

In your toiletries bag

When a hot, sweaty day or a sobbing session in your car (we’ve all been there) messes up your makeup, reach for Savvy Minerals® Makeup Remover Wipes to clean up under-eye smudges or wash off makeup altogether.

Young Living Savvy Minerals Make-up remover wipes

In your gym bag

Do your tired muscles need a rest day? Take it one step further by treating yourself to a post-fitness massage with Cool Azul® Sports Gel. That way, when you get back to your gym grind, you’ll be in tip-top shape.

In your diaper bag

With little wigglers around, you’ll need Seedlings® Baby Wipes on hand like your life depends on it. But if you’re traveling without kids, don’t underestimate the power of a wipe to clean up sticky hands after eating, dirty hands after adventuring, and everything in between.

Young Living Seedlings Wipes

At the office

In your desk

Need an exotic escape in between reports and deadlines? Keep Stress Away™ Roll-On in your desk drawer for a warm, fruity, tropical aroma that helps you imagine you’re island hopping, not meeting hopping.

In your lunchbox

We could all do better at drinking more water, but it’s just so boring! Add a splash of YL Vitality Drops next time you fill up in the breakroom, so you can stay hydrated during your crazy nine-to-five.

Young Living Essential Oils Vitality Drops

At home

In the kitchen

Have you created the various concoctions you need to clean the counters, scrub the floors, and degrease the oven? Store your DIY cleaners in stainless steel spray bottles, labeled so you can keep each solution straight.

In the bathroom

You probably diffuse Purification® in the bathroom to combat…well…you know. But make sure you’re incorporating plant-based products like Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap into every area you can.

Young Living Essential Oils Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap

In the bedroom

Here’s another Seedlings tip that isn’t just for babies: Spritz your bedsheets and pillow cases with Seedlings® Linen Spray for the dreamiest combo of essential oils you’ve ever smelled.

In the living room

Okay, we almost made it through an entire post without mentioning our classic diffusers, but we couldn’t help ourselves! May we suggest the Haven Diffuser? It’s gorgeous in every decor and lights up those cozy gathering spots.

Young Living Essential Oils Haven Diffuser

How else can you use essential oils throughout your day? Well, here’s 30 ways. And if you’re anxious for more travel tips, these oils are essential for your next vacay.

What’s your on-the-go oil tip?

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