Distributor Spotlight: Young Living Leader Integrates Essential Oils on Medical Mission Trip to Kenya

0 August 26, 2013 - Archive

This is the first article of a series on Young Living essential oils being used around the world to promote wellness.

Leaving the luxuries of her sunny Florida home far behind, Young Living Silver Sue Heath, CRNA, ARNP, CNHP, spends a busy month in the village of Ngoswani, Kenya, each year. Now in her sixth year of essential oil-infused service work, Sue has grown to love the Maasai people more than ever.

“I feel blessed beyond measure to work with, serve, and minister to the Maasai,” said Sue. “They are much like us—just in another culture.”

In this distant land where wild animals are apt to be roaming the streets stands a medical clinic started in 2008 by Sue and Dr. Tonya Hawthorne. With no electricity or running water, only the most basic of health care can be given.

Sue eagerly shares Young Living’s essential oils as part of her caregiving. The Maasai people recognize the natural elements of the oils and embrace their beneficial properties. “The oils are an absolutely vital aspect of this medical clinic,” says Heath. “People walk for miles to come and get the oils applied.”

Relying on her 50 years of experience as a nurse, Sue serves in many capacities in the clinic—from surgical assistant to labor and delivery nurse— but more importantly, she loves being affectionately referred to as the “Oils Mama.” She is well known around the clinic for saying, “I have an oil for that.”

In the next article of this series, we will join Sue for a day in the life at the clinic and discuss which Young Living products she uses with the Maasai.

  • Danielle Baird

    Coolio! Thanks for sharing Sue! I was in Kenya last Oct and visited the Maasai too! It was a blessing to have the oils to share!! Thanks for spreading the Love!

  • Jessica Jensen LMT CST

    “YLO” Absolutely awesome oils I have been using since 2006 personally and in my business Ayurveda Manual Therapies and have assisted many people through cancer, various fungal, viral, and bacterial issues, all kinds of skin issues, scoliosis, I apply valor on everyone before I work on them, I don’t have enough room to mention all the ways I have used the oils in the last 6 years, also emotional issues galore. I love the young living products!!!

  • Kenzi Fogleman

    I love this! My husband and I are in the process of moving to Kenya to do missions work. I am SO excited to use my oils there! This story has really inspired me and has made me even more excited to live there 🙂

    • Sue Heath

      Kenzi, where will you be moving to in Kenya? It is a vast area, but I might recognize your town! You will find the people very accepting, and appreciative of the effectiveness of the oils, as I have. I also have to carry all the oils into the country, as they are not able to safely be mailed there. So take lots with you! Bless your ministry as you and your husband prepare to go—- to work and serve the Lord.

      • Kenzi Fogleman

        Sue, thanks for the reply! We are currently in a discernment period and are praying about three different places. We will be in either Nakuru, Maua (close to Meru) or out by the Samburu tribe. We are taking a trip early next year to visit these locations. I would love to hear from you about which oils you use most and in what ways as I am still building my collection. Feel free to email me if it is easier – kenzileee@yahoo.com. Blessings!

  • Katherine Nanninga

    How wonderful! One of the first thought I had when I was introduced to YL was how it could be used to help people in the poorer parts of the world!

    • sue heath

      Katharine, I have used the oils in Brazil as we did a 10 day mission trip on a boat on the Amazon River and visited 3 villages. People came back the second day to get another ‘dose’ of the oils as they had received help with their issue. I also used them in Peru when we did a missions trip there. People everywhere love them. We found an 8 yr. old boy who had fallen off his burro and badly hurt his elbow. So for 4 days I put oils on his arm to relieve the pain, inflammation and swelling. At the end, his arm was back to almost normal. He was a happy camper!!
      I simply take them EVERYWHERE with me, as you are always going to find someone in need.

      • Tricia

        I have a missionary friend who ministers along the Amazon River, and I’m hoping to take oils there early next year! You are living my ultimate vision!!!!

      • Tracy

        Sue, do you have any issues in customs taking the oils to Kenya? I have a friend going there and the Pastor has Malaria-I mentioned she should take oils to protect her from bugs but also give to pastor.

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