12 fun facts from 2016 [Infographic]

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From new Young Living products to all the good The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation did, 2016 was a year for the books! We’re marking it as one of the many Young Living success stories and heading into 2017 with anticipation. But before we jump into a new year, let’s take a look back at some happenings from this year!


Young Living End of Year Infographic


What was the most exciting part of your year with Young Living? Share with us in the comments below!

  • Gail

    Belonging to the most informative groups of Young Living Women–“The Oils Sistas”–they help advise and educate all about the oils and how they are grown, where they are grown and how to use them. Thank You—Peggy–Jessica–Harmony–Hailey–Hannah==The Marvelous Miranda Women, who are always there to talk and listen. And Casey too, she has helped me enjoy the oils in 2016.

  • Two things: 1) attending convention for the first time was amazing and 2) hitting Silver after 2 years of growing my business. Slow and steady 😉 Excited for 2017!

  • Ruth

    My mom and dad became believers of YL essential oils and all it took was a small bottle of frankencese!

  • Adina Blazek

    My most memorable moment took 8 years to happen; William and I are building our YL business together and nurturing our Mother-Son relationship.

  • Joy

    This was my first year with YL and now I can’t remember what life felt like without oils! Best year ever!

  • Carmen Garduno

    Carmen Garduño
    Thank You ” Young Living “for the opportunity to learn so much and for the benefit to take care of my wonderful mom, Young Living products changed our life in many levels.
    Thank You because my personal dreams now are Real – and still more and more Blessings to come –
    Mary Gary Young – you are Unique – Awesome !!!
    Thank you, Thank You, Thank You
    Thank You to all Young Living Corp. !

  • Nick shinn

    Supporting our wellness through the winter season. We moved from Arizona to Oregon right as the winter was beginning. I know right….
    Stocked up on Thieves, citrus and all herb oils. We went crazy and got everything we needed! I believe as long as we eat and live healthy and take our oils we can continue to support our overall wellness.
    Thank you Young Living!!

  • Cathi Wilson

    Most definitely 2016 convention, spending a day at the lavender farm and getting to know the heart of Gary and Mary and Young Living. Can’t wait for 2017 convention!

  • I became a Young Living Member in May 2016 and a business builder in October! I love the oils and products offered by Young Living! I am confident when I share, knowing that the oils work and are 100% pure! GUARANTEED! Thank you for the blessing of wellness and abundance!

  • Katie L. Boyce

    I became a young living member in December of 2016. Looking forward to working my way through the roadmap! Thank you for this extraordinary opportunity!

  • Dana Eckonen

    I joined Young Living in March and I am excited everyday for the of supporting wellness I have received in my life since then. My lifelong journey has just begun…..EXCITING!!

    • Dayna Chute

      I’m just learning about essential oils but from what I’ve read so far, this will be a VERY great year for me, my grooming business and my clients dogs as well as my own dogs. I’d love to learn more.

  • Kim True

    My most exciting thing that happened was not a great thing. My mom passed in November. She shared my love of YLEO’s. 2016 will be very memorable for getting more into oils and the other YL products.

  • Fran McHolm

    Beginning my EO journey as part of a wonderful team (Krista, Dawn, Marnie, Sandi…) and learning how to use and share these amazing oils! Excited to start building in 2017!

  • Ellen Piperata

    I could not be happier for myself and family and friends, since I was introduced to your products. The best by far. Thank You

  • Shelly Steele

    Beacame a member in early 2016, went to Northetn Lights Black spruce farm grand opening and the inaugural Canadian Convention

  • I really enjoy helping people. Young Living is a great way to enhance wellness and improve lives . With God’s help my life has purpose. Thankyou to my wonderful up line for all the support.

  • Cyndi

    My team grew and I ranked up, but the best part was convention!! I had my family with me and the farm was amazing!

  • Marie Taylor

    I got to attend the Beauty School in Alabama. I learned a lot and had fun!!!

  • Angela B. Anderson

    My life is changed. Not only has my wellness been supported, but also my finances. Thank you Young Living. Thank you!!! And, thank you for inviting me to the Silver Retreat. I’ve never been so spoiled.

  • My first convention in London! I am distributor for 2 years now and every day i love my Young Living oils more and more. Our vision is to bring YL eo to every home in the world. Let’s try in 2017! Thank you so much!!!

  • Inès Neill

    I became a member and Distributor!Once a 🌟and Love the Young Living oils!!!
    I Love my Essential Potential!

  • Julia Boucher

    This is going to sound funny and it is.. but its true.. I always smell good… between the YL oils I take internally and use outwardly …. I smell great!! and most of all I feel great!

  • I became a member and Independent Distributor! I live Young Living Essential Oils!

    • Carolyn Thomas

      I became a member of Young Living Essential Oils and am loving the journey

  • Lady Lavender

    Returning and ranking as ⭐

  • Debbie Irwin

    My favourite part of 2016 with Young Living was attending the First Canadian YL Covention in Calgary and then heading to Utah for Silver Club what an amazing year ! Thank You Young Living and Thank you Mary and Gary for everything you do! God Bless!

  • Karen Anderson


  • Pinky Begnaud


    Ready for 2017 Convention !!!!!!

  • Temple Hansen

    I became a Young Living member in August! I am learning about oils and their beneficial properties….And putting them to use.

  • Cathie N.

    My family (5 of us) stayed above the wellness line. My husband became a believer in young living essential oils.

  • Christine Post

    I went to my first International Grand Convention and Mona, UT Farm!! I cannot wait to go back in June 2017!

  • Kay Eunice

    I BECAME A MEMBER! It’s a wonderful oily family to belong to! I LOVE Young Living!!

  • when a few of my family members joined me on this wonderful journey.

  • Sheila Pursell

    I advanced to Silver in October and holding. Excited to go to the Lavender farm in September 😆😆

  • Carol D. Millspaugh

    I joined Young Living this year (September) and I am so happy to be a part of the family. I love these products and I am grateful for them. Every day is an adventure and a new experience.

  • Rebecca Ely

    Getting my starter kit an changing 38 people’s lives! Increasing my income !! Better wellness for my family N pets. Making new friends, all from young Living’s essential oils❤❤❤

  • Eugene feis

    The commitment to product safety and purity. That’s what I love about. Young living

  • Roxane Apple

    The most exciting part fit me was finding YL, joining, learning the lifestyle, and benefiting from it!!!!

  • janet

    I am so excited to be involved with such a great company, and even more to have a great upline that is mentoring our team to be business leaders

  • Mara Fienhold

    I discovered Young Living Essential Oils in 2016! What a continued revelation of God’s love for us in providing for our well-being from the being of time.

  • Deana Cagle Luebbert

    The oils & Jesus never fail me! My Sister finally became a memeber and apologized for waiting so long!
    I learn new ways to incorporate the oils and products in my life everyday! Small changes like adding dryer balls are another big advancement in our house.

  • Jennifer Klansnic

    Losing 43 pounds and many many inches using the new Slique weight management products 😁 Looking forward to the Slique in 60 & 120 day challenge to start!

  • Phyllis Cox

    Young Living oils have changed my life! Thank you all, for the hard work & dedication! I had to order a bigger nail polish rack, if that tells you how much I love my YL oils! ❤

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