You can complete your on-line-registration without a hitch now!

Dear Young Living members,

First, up, thank you as always for your kind support to Young Living Japan. Today, we are delighted to announce you that our on-line registration system which had been encountering a disruption, has gone back to normal. We’d like to express our thankfulness to you who’ve been showing kind patience toward this issue. Please also take a look at the following FAQ for more details. Thank you again.

「FAQ on on-line registration」

Q:I cannot use my credit card for on-line registration. Why?

A: The credit cards that can be used for your on-line registration have been determined by our head office in the United States and some of the credit cards that can be used here in Japan, unfortunately, cannot be used for our on-line registration.

If you encounter with a problem trying to settle your registration using your credit card, first, please check if the credit card number that you entered is correct. If you have VISA or Master Card, we recommend to use one of them.

Also, we’d like to recommend you to use PayPal if your credit card is JCB. You can settle your on-line registration using your JCB credit card if you sign up for PayPal service. PayPal is an international settlement service which is secure and is widely used and appreciated all over the world.
Q: I cannot proceed to the next step of registration even though I click on “Next”, “Register” or “ Complete”.

A:If you recognize an icon which shows that your task is being in progress, on your digital device, please wait for 2 to 3 minutes. If your task takes longer than that and you never proceed, please try using other digital device than the one that you are using now, such as tablet, desk-top PC, etc. Or please re-boot the digital device that you are using and try the task again after rebooting it. If the problem persists even after reboot, please change your browser mode to Private Mode and try again.

Q: All the products that I chose to buy are missing in my shopping cart. Why?

A:※All the products that you have chosen to buy may disappear on the current page if you returned to the previous page of the registration by clicking on “Return” on your browser and come back to the page. First, please make sure if the products that you chose to buy are all in your shopping cart and if all or some of them are missing, please put them back again.