Doctor’s Seminar Special

~Happy Life with CBD~ on April 25th

We are so excited to announce you that Dr. Cole of Nature’s Ultra will be the speaker of our upcoming Doctor’s Seminar in April! As a major player in Natures Ultra’s product development, he will talk about our CBD product line which is slated for official launch in Japan in coming May. Dr. Cole, who’s been active in giving his scientific expertise to CBD-focusing books and publications, will give you an insight into why Young Living’s CBD products are chosen by many people. So don’t miss this chance!

Also, Young Living Japan’s General Manager, Mr. Yu Ohki will talk at the seminar and share with you his thoughts on “ Happy Life with CBD & Oils : What we can do in this new environment’. We are currently under the state of emergency and our activities are being restricted to a certain extent but still, there are so many ways that we can shine as Young Living members! At the speech, Mr. Ohki will introduce you the innovative ways that some members are taking to continue sharing Young Living. So look out for this speech too!

And the last but not the least, all the participants will be given a chance to win a great gift by giving a right answer to some quiz!


【Who can participate?】
Anybody can participate (Both members and non-members, regardless of membership)

【Do I have to register myself for the seminar? 】
No. You don’t have to. You can participate without any pre-registration so please share this info with your friends and participate together!


13:00-14:10:Dr. Cole “What makes Nature”s Ultra’s CBD so special?”
14:10-15:00:Mr. Yu Ohki, Managing Director, Young Living Japan : “ Happy Life with CBD & Oils : What can we do in this new environment?

【How can I access to the seminar? 】
We will announce you on our home page or blog on how to access to the seminar on-line and its internet link.