Termination of Savvy Minerals Product Line in the Japanese Market

Dear Young Living Members,

First, please let us express our sincere gratitude for you who stay loyal to Young Living’s products. Thank you very much.

Today, we’d like to inform you on our decision to withdraw Savvy Minerals product line from the Japanese market. As soon as each stock of the make-up products runs out in Japan, we will stop accepting the order. We truly appreciate your continuous support for the product line in the past.

We will continue doing our best to give you the best Savvy Minerals experience as long as its product stock lasts but please kindly note once the supply of one product runs out, we will immediately stop accepting the order for the product. We understand that this might cause tremendous inconvenience on our Japanese Savvy Minerals fans, for which we would like to express our deepest regret here in this announcement.

As to those products which have become unavailable in Japan, you can continue purchasing them from the U.S market by way of private import or NFR.


Q. Why are you going to withdraw Savvy Minerals product line from the Japanese market
A. There are various reasons, but the difficulty of ensuring steady supply of the products is the main reason.

Q. Will your headquarters in the U.S. keep Savvy Minerals product line available?
A. Yes. Savvy Minerals product line is available in the U.S. market.

Q. From when can I start getting Savvy Minerals products through NFR
A. You can start ordering Savvy Mineral products thru NFR within 3 business days after a product has become unavailable in the Japanese market.

Q. Do you have any plan to relaunch Savvy Minerals product line in Japan?
A. For the moment, we have no plan.

Q. Can I return unused Savvy Minerals products I have on hand?
A. You can return products as long as our return policy allows you to do so.
(You can return used and/or unused products that are purchased in the previous 30 days from the date of the purchase and the amount of the value of the purchase from which 10% of return commission fee, delivery and bank money transfer fee are deducted, will be reimbursed to you. As for customer who bought the products from our members, they can return the products purchased in the previous 30 days from the day printed on “Order and Delivery Statement for Retail Customers” that they received upon the product delivery. )

Q. I have been building my business centering around Savvy Minerals. So the product termination will put me into trouble.
A. Variable circumstances makes it difficult to ensure the very best-quality material for the products, which makes it a challenge to maintain steady product supply for Japan. We sincerely regret that this decision might cause you inconvenience and trouble.

Q. The front and center of my business has been Savvy Minerals. Which products should I shift my business to?
A.Young Living Japan has launched nutrient supplement products including “Life9”, “Illumineyes” and “Olive Essentials”. We recommend those along with Ninxia Red as the products that help you keep your beauty from within.

November 22, 2019

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