Double Diffuser Enrollment Deals

Limited Edition Enrollment Set

Frequently Asked Questions

Only Philippine new enrollees and reactivating members can purchase the set. New enrollees are those who are signing up for the first time. Reactivating members* are those whose accounts have already been deactivated in our system. The Premium Experience Set or Everyday Experience Set may be part of the member’s reactivation purchase.

*24 months of no purchase from the month the account has been dropped.

New enrollees can purchase the sets on promo from December 1, 12MN to December 31, 11:59PM until supplies last.

Yes, the Premium Experience Set at 100 PV and the Everyday Experience Set at 80 PV can qualify as the enrollee’s first ER purchase.

Yes, just enroll with the Premium Experience Set or Everyday Experience Set, sign up on ER, and purchase additional products. The 110 PV purchase qualifies you to a free Lime 15ml.

For an enroller to qualify for the Starter Kit bonus, the enrollee must have purchased a Premium Experience Set (PES). The Everyday Experience Set however, qualifies the enroller to the limited offer Enrollment Sharing Bonus worth $10 for every enrollee who purchased the Everyday Experience Set.

Yes, enrollment with the Everyday Experience Set still qualifies the enroller to the Fast Start Bonus.

The equivalent peso value* for the $10 enrollment sharing bonus will be distributed in the form of Account Credit. The amount may be used to pay for your succeeding purchases. Any commissions above $25 may be requested for commission transfer via bank deposit. To make this request, kindly go to this link:

*Based on peg rate of P51.20 conversion

Upon enrollment in the Virtual Office, it will be available under the “Specialty Kits” tab.

Yes, you can.