Sacred Frankincense

Treat yourself to essential oil-infused self-care. Sacred Frankincense enhances your beauty regimen and adds a boost to your spiritual practices. Apply this skin-loving oil to maintain the appearance of radiant-looking skin, and use the uplifting, inspiring aroma to elevate your yoga and meditation practices. Frankincense is believed to be one of the most spiritual oils, being used in ancient times during Egyptian ceremonies.

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How To Use

Inhalation: Gently inhale this uplifting aroma during meditation for greater spiritual mindfulness, deeper grounding, and renewed purpose.

Beauty: Add to your body balm for a decadent and skin-loving treat.

Massage: Use during a relaxing massage post-workout.


Boswellia sacra* (Sacred Frankincense) resin oil.

May contain: Limonene**, Linalool**.

*100% pure essential oil. 

** Natural constituents of essential oils.