German Chamomile

This gentle oil is light and fruity, helping to calm the senses. Steam distilled from flowers, it is an alternative to soothing Lavender. Not only used in teas, German Chamomile can be placed on the neckline as a cool and refreshing scent, ideal for sensitive skin. You may like to dilute with a carrier oil for a more subtle aroma. Add a few drops to your cleanser to melt away makeup and impurities, revealing clean and petal-soft skin.

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How To Use

  • Inhalation: Gently breathe in the soothing scents.
  • Beauty: Add a drop to your cleanser to melt away makeup and impurities. Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Bathing: Run a warm bath, adding 6-8 drops, for ultimate calm.
  • Massage: Dilute a few drops into 10 ml of Young Living V-6® Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex, massaging into tired areas.
  • Perfume: Blends well with Lavender, Rose or Tangerine for a delightful scent.


German Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita)* flower oil.

May contain: Farnesol**, Limonene**, Linalool**.

*100% pure essential oil.
**Natural constituents of essential oils.