Gary's True Grit™ Einkorn Flour

Einkorn is the original “staff-of-life” grain, known as the oldest variety of wheat, which dates back to the beginning of time. Einkorn’s natural genetic code and low gluten levels make it a superior choice because of the compatibility with the human body when compared to the modern hybrid wheat of today. Einkorn has 14 chromosomes, while modern wheat has 42.

Einkorn grain is easy to digest, so nutrients are better absorbed. Today Young Living is helping to bring einkorn back to its rightful prominence in the world. Highly nutritious, un-hybridized, and low in gluten, Einkorn Flour is a must-have for your pantry.

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How to Use

How to Use

Einkorn Flour is easy to use and can be substituted in a 1:1 ratio with all-purpose or whole-wheat flours. However, Einkorn Flour does take some getting used to. Use the following guidelines for the best results in your standard recipes.

  • In standard muffin, pancake, cake, or cookie recipes, you may want to reduce liquid by as much as 20 percent
  • In standard cake recipes, try adding an extra egg white to the batter to keep the final product light and fluffy. Also, beat the batter less and at a lower speed

Bread baking also requires special considerations:

  • Resist the temptation to add too much Einkorn Flour to bread dough. Einkorn Flour absorbs liquid more slowly than standard flour, and the dough is often wetter and stickier
  • Avoid over-kneading the dough. Breads made with Einkorn Flour require less kneading than other breads
  • When the dough is rising, make sure it springs back when you press on it with your finger. If the dough rises too much, it will deflate in the oven, resulting in a dense, hard crust


Whole Grain Einkorn Flour (Triticum monococcum)