Regina Hoffmann


Regina Hoffmann lives in Austria with her husband, two daughters, four horses, and a dog. As a primary school teacher and therapeutic riding instructor, Regina has always aspired to support others while finding success in her career at the same time. In 2015, while facing a situation where she needed nature and wellness, she discovered Young Living, delving into the world of essential oils and appreciating their benefits.

Young Living has empowered Regina to share her enthusiasm and the wellness effects of oils with so many others, providing support on various levels. Through her business, she has made a great group of friends who stand by each other through thick and thin. In her own words, “I love my team and the opportunity that Young Living gives us, I am really grateful for it. Growing daily and helping others to discover their strength is exactly what is in my nature to do and what I live for. Thank you Young Living for this amazing opportunity that also includes personal development, growth, and freedom.”

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Sharka Guiomar


Sharka Guiomar lives in France with her French/British husband and 2 little girls but originally she is from Prague, Czech Republic. She started with YL 4,5 years ago to support her family's wellness which turned to a newly found passion, hobby and a business. Working in marketing gave her skills, knowledge but something was lacking. Sharka always desired to find something she loves and turn it to a business. She found her path with Young Living while searching for a lifestyle change for her family.

Passionately sharing her experiences, she managed to grow and built her business entirely online with people she knew from back home, while living in different country.

"My team makes me feel like I am at home. I get up every day with a smile because I do something I truly love, with people I love, while having a total freedom for my family and within my business. This is a dream come true."

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Antje Lüdemann


At 20, Antje Lüdemann was a nurse in Germany who grew disillusioned with the shortcomings of orthodox medicine. She struck out on her own, starting her own nursing service and then, once she earned a diploma in naturopathy, a therapeutic office.

In 2011 she discovered Young Living. Its pure, authentic oils, along with the impressive support she received from Mary and Gary Young, inspired her to change her business completely over to Young Living. By 2018 she’d achieved Diamond rank. “Young Living has changed my and my family’s life in so many positive ways that I never thought were possible,” she says.

Antje thrives on the challenge of working with all kinds of people, and she loves seeing the light of discovery fill their eyes. Her motto, which she credits with much of her success, is: “Inspiration follows information. Never force people. Never manipulate them. Support their potential as much as you can.”

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Christine Huber


For Christine and her husband of 38 years, Josef, Young Living oils are a family pursuit. “Our three children and their partners are all Young Living members,” Christine says. “Two of them have reached Silver rank and our daughter Maria has achieved Gold. Even our four grandchildren love the oils!”

When she first discovered Young Living, Christine had no intention of building a team or business. “I only wanted to sell its products in my holistic wellness shop,” she admits. “Now I’m so happy I came to love ‘Gary’s treasures’ and shared them with such enthusiasm. This way I could help so many families discover a healthy, clean way of living. I also appreciate how Young Living cares for nature and the environment and how the Young Living Foundations helps so many people worldwide.”

Christine is particularly grateful to her whole team. “I want to thank them and my wonderful leaders who share Young Living with so much joy and heart. And of course, my wholehearted gratitude goes to Gary and his family.”

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Corinne van der Moolen


Corinne van der Moolen, from The Netherlands, has been a Young Living Distributor since May 2014 and is currently a Diamond. Corinne’s WHY is to help people reach their full potential, personally and business wise. She loves to work with the emotional and spiritual side of the oils in her business. She became so engaged and enthused with the value of essential oils that she developed an app to help her share YL oils.

The technique, connected to the emotional side of the oils, is giving huge breakthroughs, not only to her but also to her members and business members.

Young Living has brought freedom to her life to do things she loves to do, when and where she wants to do it. She actually never feels like she is working, that is how much she loves what she does.

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Gema Garcia Perales


Gema lives near Barcelona with her husband and two daughters. When she first encountered Young Living essential oils, it was love at first sight.

“I connected with the energy in these oils from the very first moment,” she says. “After I received my first oils, I began sharing and helping the people in my life the next day. But I didn’t set out to reach more people until a year and half later. When I did so, I aimed to reach and help thousands of families to discover the same treasure I did.”

Gema loves art and has worked all her life as an artist organizing exhibitions in galleries, art centers, and museums around the world. “But I never imagined that my true passion was helping people to awaken them to a new consciousness,” she explains. “Now I feel that this has always been my purpose, one way or another, my whole life. Whether through art or oils, the destination is the same.”

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Irina Zhigulina


Irina never intended to build her own business with Young Living. Instead, she wound up building a community in Russia where she could support thousands of people who wanted better lives. “It was Young Living’s commitment to quality and the high demand for essential oils that influenced my choice. I became convinced that they had the right products for me, products that are needed by every family in my country.”

At first, building a business wasn’t easy. “Products took a long time to arrive from Europe,” Irina says. “Then there was a collapse of the ruble against the euro. We also had no product information in Russian. But all these obstacles couldn’t stop me, thanks to Young Living and my sponsor. Every time I attend a Seed to Seal® event or leadership convention, I return home convinced that I made the right choice.”

Irina also considers it a blessing that Young Living products are now officially available in Russia. “I am so proud that I can now go to the beautiful office in the city center, place an order, and receive it the next day in Moscow delivered right to my door. I’m so happy that my daughter has also joined the Young Living family.”

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Jolanta Puzienė


Jolanta decided to join Young Living in 2014. She already had a government career, working with public procurement and European Union projects. Yet she found Young Living’s philosophy and values and the quality of its essential oil very compelling.

She recalls asking herself: “Do I really need this? Use the products, fine. But starting a business like this? That’s not for you. Even then, my heart rebelled and pushed me to become part of this meaningful movement.”

She’s grateful that her desire to join Young Living won out in the end. “My path to Diamond has taught me so many things,” she says. “I’ve gained valuable experience and insights and met and inspired hundreds of people. It’s an honor to take part in such an important undertaking. I’m thankful for all the Lithuanian leaders who took this journey with me. I also want to thank my teams in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Finally, I am extremely grateful to my own mentor, who stood beside me all this time.”

Jolanta loves jogging, Nordic walking, reading, spending time in nature, and being with her family. As a mother of three children, she’s devoted over 16 years to everything her children need: good health, a strong example, and Latin dancing!

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Lucia Adzic


Lucia’s life looked very different not long ago. “I was a mother of two and desperate for a change,” says Lucia. “I wasn’t happy with myself, my home, or how I felt. When Young Living came into my life, it helped me learn to become a better version of myself. I embraced a natural approach to nurture my home and family."

The personal change Lucia saw in herself inspired her to share her experiences with others. “This opened up a path towards my partnership with Young Living,” she explains. “I’m passionate about sharing my experiences, and fully dedicated to empowering others to reach for what they want, to step into their true purpose and pursue the life they long for. I believe we are all called to do that, to reach for the kind of life that feels beyond our abilities.”

Today, Lucia is a happily married mother of three. “I am so grateful for that initial leap of faith Young Living helped me take,” she says. “Taking that first scary step is what allowed me to discover this incredible path for myself.”

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Maria Kageaki


As a child Maria already found a great interest in the power of plants and spent her pocket money on herbal books. Her interest in health led her to years of studying about nutrition, gaining a lot of experience and opening a practice for health and youthfulness.

Maria’s main areas are holistic dental health and the healing power of chlorophyll. She organizes online congresses to share natural health with a large audience.

The holistic approach is a completely natural principle for Maria and the wonderful Young Living oils are an important part in her consultations, lectures and seminars. She regards people as multi-layered beings and includes the physical as well as the energetic and emotional level. Her goal is to help people take back more responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Maria has been with Young Living since 2011. Her five now grown-up children share her love for the health-promoting benefits of essential oils and naturally Young Living is also a part of their lives.

For Maria, working with Young Living means joy, freedom, connecting with people on a heart level and bringing people closer to nature and its powerful gifts.

Her team is like her extended family, and she loves to work to ‘awake the giant within’ (as Anthony Robbins would describe it).

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Thomas Teschl


Thomas’s critical nose brought him to Young Living in 2004.

He says his nose because, he was on the search for suitable aromatherapy oils. Up to then, none of the products from other manufacturers which he had tried had been able to satisfy his expectations of quality. A notice in a window of a massage institute, mentioning “new oils receive from America” motivated him to look into the oils produced by Young Living.

The first time he smelled an oil from Young Living, he was really impressed and thought, “the quality makes the difference”.

His initial skepticism about the MLM system was quickly dissipated as a result of the impressive presentation of the oils by Dr. Prakama Hauser. And so, together with her, Vijay and Ulrike Churfürst and many enthusiastic companions, he had the opportunity to start distributing the Young Living products in Austria and Europe.

This work was richly rewarded. Thomas considers, being able to frequently encounter Gary in person, to be one of the greatest gifts in his life. Gary is a role model and has contributed greatly to Thomas’ personal development.

Thomas has found his calling, in spreading Gary’s philosophy and legacy.

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Vera Vershal


Vera Vershal, an Italo-Belarusian, lives in four different countries and leads one extraordinary life. From a successful career in Monaco’s luxury hotel industry to Diamond rank with Young Living, Vera is not one to shy away from a challenge. Ambitious, passionate, and driven, she finds fulfillment in empowering others to lead happier, healthier lives.

Vera joined Young Living in 2016 as a product user. Later in 2017, she saw an opportunity to improve people’s lives with the power of essential oils. By 2019, she began to take building a business more seriously and quickly soared through the ranks, achieving Diamond just two years later.

Vera credits her success to her family and her dream team of like-minded people from 26 different countries. Her whole family has helped out in growing her business—especially her husband, Andrea, who keeps everyone motivated with Aroma Coaching techniques.

With the support of her team and family, Vera has created a thriving essential oil business—and by doing so, she has created the masterpiece of her life. Today, she continues to accomplish exactly what she set out to do: empower people and change lives.

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