The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation

Our Mission

To protect and empower our world’s young.

Who We Are

Because so many children and youth around the world are hindered, even hurt, by poverty, lack of education, human trafficking, or trauma, The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation works tirelessly to bring them out of those circumstances. We partner with changemakers and nonprofits around the world to rescue them, educate them, and help them develop their potential.

At The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation, we envision a world where the rising generation is free to thrive and create positive change, where a child’s prospects depend less on if they’re born into poverty or not. Since D. Gary Young started the Foundation in 2009, we’ve focused on connecting those who receive far too little attention with the tools and resources they need to unlock life-changing opportunities.



Opening doors of opportunity through traditional and vocational education, skills building, and leadership development.


Empowering women worldwide to break the generational cycle of poverty for their children by investing in small business and fair-trade enterprises.


Protecting the vulnerable from losing their freedoms to abuse and human trafficking.


Together, we are an incredible force for good.
For as little as $11 per month, you can make a life-changing difference.
For less than $3 per day, you can help a child unlock opportunity through education.
Connect to stories of empowerment and impact by following the Foundation on social media.
Host a fundraiser or silent auction on behalf of the Young Living Foundation.

Our 100 Percent Promise

What we do is propelled by your support.
Young Living generously covers our operating expenses, so when you contribute to protecting and empowering our world’s young, 100 percent of your donations go directly to our partners and projects making a difference on the ground, every time.