The weather is warming up, and as you swap those snow boots for summery sandals, you may be needing to give those toes some TLC! Get your feet summer-ready with three simple steps that can easily be incorporated into your weekly routine. Make yourself a refreshing summer mocktail, sit back, and let the foot pampering begin.

Step one: How to exfoliate your feet 

After a dry and cold winter, your feet may be looking a little—well—rugged. Exfoliating helps to remove any buildup of dry, dead skin cells so you can moisturize properly. Depending on how long it’s been since you last exfoliated, there are several different methods you can use.

Before getting started, let your feet soak in warm water to soften your dry skin and prepare for a gentle scrub. A pumice stone is a simple yet effective option for extremely dry or cracked skin or if you have calluses. You can also purchase several foot scrubs specifically designed for freshening up the feet. Looking for an option that’s free of harsh chemicals? Ditch the drugstore foot scrubs and make your own using salt, sugar, and oatmeal—or follow our DIY sugar scrub recipe to make sure you get it right!

DIY foot scrub

Frolic in those fields without feeling insecure with this gentle foot scrub made with sugar! Scrub away old skin cells and reveal soft and smooth feet with only a few simple ingredients.


Woman exfoliating feet with pomace stone - Young Living Lavender Life Blog


In a small bowl, mix V-6 with essential oils. Add sugar and mix until thoroughly combined. Store in an airtight jar.

Apply in the bath or shower. Wet your feet, then gently massage a tablespoon of the foot scrub on each, focusing on the bottoms and problem areas. Avoid getting any moisture into the sugar scrub container to prevent contamination. Rinse off and pat dry. Be cautious: Scrubs can make your shower slippery!

Step two: Cuticle care for your feet

Get that polished look without dropping bank at the salon by taking care of your cuticles at home. Cuticles are a clear layer of skin that’s there to prevent infection, so keeping up with cuticle care is critical for healthy, happy feet. Be sure to soften with a shower, bath, or soak before pushing them back. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends pushing cuticles back vs. cutting them to prevent infection. You can push them back and then trim any excess skin or hangnails.

Tea Tree Essential Oil and empty glass bottle with oil dropper - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

DIY cuticle treatment

After a shower or bath, gently push your cuticles back in preparation for a DIY cuticle treatment that’ll give you that perfect pedicure shape.



Fill an empty 15 ml bottle about halfway with V-6. Add 20 drops of Tea Tree, then continue to add more V-6 until the bottle is full. To use, add 1 drop to your cuticles and rub in until absorbed.

Step three: Moisturize your feet

You’ve gone through all the work to follow your routine, now put the cherry on top with the right moisturizer. Keeping your feet moisturized on a regular basis can help prevent a buildup of dry skin. Just add a little hydration and your feet can go from rough and rugged to silky smooth!

There’s no big secret to moisturizing: Simply choose your favorite lotion, cream, or oil and slather it on. For a more intensive moisture treatment, you can apply a thick layer of lotion or cream and put socks on to keep the moisture contained while it soaks into your feet.

Young Living offers fantastic moisturizers, including Genesis™ Hand and Body LotionCoconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter, and KidScents® Lotion. If you don’t have a favorite, purchase a couple of options in your next order to find your new go-to.

In need of even deeper hydration? Try our DIY CBD lotion bars and DIY CBD salve for their ultra-moisturizing power.

YL tip: Before going to bed, generously massage your favorite Young Living lotion all over your feet and legs, then put on a pair of moisturizing socks. For even deeper hydration and extra pampering, make your own foot massage oil.

Whether you make this DIY pedicure a part of your self-care routine or decide to do it on an as-needed basis, these three simple steps are sure to keep your feet happy and ready for the sunshine!

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Want to turn your foot pampering session into an experience? Indulge in a whole day of pampering with a DIY spa day or turn up the summer vibes while you exfoliate with one of our DIY summer diffuser blends.

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