Don’t Forget the Thieves!

0 April 13, 2012 - Archive

I have been using Young Living essential oils for nearly 12 years. Their powerful, potent, and immediate effects never cease to amaze me! This past week I had the honor of once again teaching doctors, nurses, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and other medical staff of UCLA Health Systems the Essential Oils Therapy component of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) Program. Fashion designer, long-time yogini, philanthropist, and Young Living enthusiast Donna Karan founded the UZIT program.

In the UZIT training, participants are encouraged to become personally acquainted with the nine oils of the Everyday Oils™ kit, which include one of Young Living’s signature blends—and Donna’s favorite—Thieves®.

Known as the immune system’s protective shield, Thieves is one of the best essential oils to use for self-care. It is a blend of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary. The participants who happened to be feeling under the weather were amazed with how well they felt after using Thieves. One nurse even forgot she had a sore throat after only two applications!

I personally use Thieves in one form or another every day, whether it is my Thieves toothpaste and floss or my Thieves Foaming Hand Soap. I use Thieves Household Cleaner to clean the floors of my studio and my yoga mats—and of course I use Thieves essential oil blend. I love putting a few drops in my drinking water and sipping it throughout the day. After all these years, my excitement about Thieves is greater than ever.

Stay healthy and use Thieves every day!


Tracy Griffiths

  • Does thieves keep your teeth white?

  • Laurie Moede

    I love the many uses I’ve found with Thieves. I’ve shared it with friends and family. I ordered several bottles for Christmas gifts. When I opened one of the new bottles I noticed a different scent. Did they change the formula somehow?

    • Suzanne Goulet

      They don’t change the formula, but oils will change slightly with each harvest. So you may notice sight differences!

  • Susie Weiss

    Last summer, my then 21 year old son, contracted Shingles. He was diagnosed at a health clinic and given a very expensive prescription. I encouraged him to begin using the sample of Thieves I had sent him to college with and mailed him the rest of my bottle. He rubbed the Thieves, diluted, on his rashes which were the size of silver dollars and hurt terribly. After one application, his rash flattened out. By the second day his pain was gone and by the end of the week his shingles was completely gone. That was a year ago and he has had no additional symptoms since. Amazing!

  • Debbie

    Being new, I absolutely love all you have shared!!! Didn’t even think about adding Thieves to my water….love that!!!
    Thanks to everyone for their great info!

  • David C. Maldonado

    I use thieves tooth paste and mouth rinse 2x per day,and also i share the rinse as it is part of my presentation during my meetings with future Young Living Representatives and Customers.
    The greatest is that i use it in my capsule together with other YL oils of my own blend to make it personal.
    I carry 25 oils everywhere i go and THIEVES is always there.
    I’m glad that i listened to my girlfriend and made an appointment to talk to Carmen Garduno from Austin Texas/Guadalajara Mexico and now i am part of her and YL TEAM.
    Thieves o en Espanol Rateros ha sido un aceite essencial para un uso personal y parte de mi presentacion en clases que doy a futuros representantes y clientes de Young Living.
    Siempre cargo 25 aceites conmigo a todas partes y thieves es uno de ellos.
    Doy gracias por haber escuchado a mi novia y haber hecho esa cita con Carmen Garduno de Austin Texas / Guadalajara Mexico y haber aprendido mucho de su sabiduria y con ese apoyo de Liderazgo.
    Gracias a DIOS , mi novia Ana Talamantez a Carmen Garduno y a Young Living.
    God Bless you all. Que DIOS los Bendiga

    Thank you, Gracias,

    David C. Maldonado

  • Debbie Rutherford

    My “aha” moment happened on Dec.6, 2011. I had gotten strep throat from a friend who has 8 children and they were passing the strep bug back and forth. I rode with them to an event and then the next day my throat was killing me. I took a half glass of water and put one drop of Thieves in it and drank it down, within 20 minutes my throat was NOT hurting any more and my symptoms were totally gone. Since then, my sister, who is a vegetarian and a “Health Nut” keeps getting sick, and I make her come down to my house and give her a dose of Thieves. She keeps saying she “Can’t afford” to buy my oils, yet she will continue to take antibiotics, which cost money, and if she would just listen to me she wouldn’t need all those trips to the doctor. She’s a hard “nut to crack” but I gave her a sample botle of Thieves today and I will keep pounding away at her until she sees the light of YL Oils!!!

  • Shannon

    Hi! I would love to use Thieves daily as a supplement. I take echinacea from October to March/April to prevent colds and know Thieves would be a great addition to my diet, but if I put it in water or smoothies the cinnamon is SO spicy. How do you get around that? Thanks!

  • Nyla

    Does anyone have the information about the Quad Shield? Why to use it and how to use it?

  • jo m hanson

    I use it on my teeth a few days a week last time I went to dentist he said I dont know what you are doing but keep doing it the start of gum disease had started and the thieves stopped it and there was healing of the tissues

  • Jana Disney

    We use it for just about everything. One instance is when my daughter went to college her freshmen year, she had just recovered from mono. I sent her with lots of thieves. Everyone in her apartment had the flu and colds several times that year, but she never got sick. She took Thieves internally and sprayed her room, linens, fixtures, etc. and kept from getting sick. In fact, she had many girls asking her if they could use her thieves. They knew it had kept her from getting sick! It is amazing!!

  • Nadine Davis

    I use Thieves when germs are rampid by putting it on my feet. Anytime my husbands glands are swelling he ask for the Thieves to put on the neck.

  • Fredericka McAndrew

    I am always recommending Thieves to my massage clients to boost their immune system and to help with minor infections. I myself have also added it to my massage oil and used it in my water bottle.

  • Tracy, thank you for sharing your passion for Thieves. I’m headed to the kitchen right now to add some to my water. Can’t wait for runny nose to stop!Oh, and thank you also for writing about the UZIT Program.

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