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Farm and Distillery

Okinawa, Japan

Products sourced from this farm

Shell Ginger essential oil

Launching in APAC, Spring 2023

Stay tuned for future developments

The start of Okinawa Farm and Distillery

While working to discover and share powerful new essential oils with our global community, the Young Living farm team was introduced to shell ginger in 2021 by Dr. Je Tae Woo, a leading research scientist working with Young Living Japan. After reviewing Dr. Woo’s research, the farm team partnered with Dr. Woo in selecting, vetting, and testing to our Seed to Seal® standards at the location that is now home to this beautiful northern Okinawa farm.

Seed to Seal® quality commitment

Prior to the purchase of the Okinawa Farm and Distillery property, the soil was tested for more than 350 chemical components and heavy metals to ensure that the shell ginger grown on this unique Japanese ginger farm would be pristine and free from contamination.

Oil highlight

Shell ginger, which produces a beautifully fragrant essential oil, contains a pair of constituents called DK and DDK, which have been researched for their association with supporting health longevity.

Did you know?

The Okinawa Farm and Distillery is located in a national park in northern Okinawa. The region is also one of the planet’s Blue Zones—areas in the world with a high concentration of people who live healthy lives well beyond the average life expectancy.
The five Blue Zones where locals exhibit extraordinary longevity are Icaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Loma Linda, California, USA; and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

Our focus on conservation

The Okinawa farm is located in a national park, and farm operations are held to high environmental standards. Though the farm already operates in a way that minimizes impact and protects the island’s delicate ecosystem, Young Living is continuously striving to make improvements. Working with the local government and educational institutions, the farm team is developing plans to contribute meaningfully to the Young Living community and align with the unique ecosystem of this special place.

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