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Lavender Farm and Distillery

Simiane-la-Rotonde, France

The start of Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery

Young Living’s Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery is nestled in the charming hills of France’s Provence region, an area renowned for its beauty, fragrant lavender fields, and summer-long festivals. Because of its history and breathtaking views, this Young Living lavender farm in France is a popular destination for essential oil lovers, artists, and visitors looking to breathe in the captivating, deep cultural roots of this unique place.

In 1990 Jean-Noël Landel traveled from France, hoping to find buyers for his high-quality Lavender oil at an expo in the United States. Young Living’s late founder, D. Gary Young, also attended the expo, displaying a few single oils, which piqued Jean-Noël’s interest. The two men quickly discovered that they shared a mutual passion for essential oils, particularly Lavender, and Jean-Noël invited Gary to visit him in France, never imagining Gary would really come. Only a month later, Jean-Noël and his wife, Jane, welcomed Gary into their home, where they introduced him to their six-month-old son, Nicolas. Today Nicolas Landel continues his father’s legacy by managing Young Living’s Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery, including overseeing the lavender harvest.

Seed to Seal® quality commitment

Young Living workers harvest from June to mid-August and then steam distill the flowering tops of the plant to produce the essential oil.

After the oil is distilled, we send samples to the laboratory for analysis to ensure the oil contains the ideal balance of constituents. If all the tight specifications are met, the oil makes its way to our state-of-the-art bottling facility.

Oil highlight

The Romans first introduced lavender to Provence around 2,000 years ago. The plant acclimated to the area’s favorable climate and quickly spread. Clary sage, on the other hand, is native to Europe and belongs to the mint family. Young Living has grown clary sage for more than 25 years, steam distilling the flowering tops to obtain its herbaceous-scented oil.

Did you know?

Lavender and clary sage are members of the mint family.
The entire clary sage plant is covered with tiny glandular hairs that contain essential oil.
Einkorn is favored for producing bakery products with enhanced nutritional properties.
Lavender yields nothing for its first year, produces 50 percent during its second year, and reaches its full potential its third year.

Our focus on conservation

Protecting vulnerable bees. The Simiane-la-Rotonde team understands the critical role bees play in agriculture by pollinating crops. That’s why the Simiane-la-Rotonde team has incorporated safe and sustainable beekeeping practices such as keeping their diet sugar free and leaving more than half their honey so they always have food for the winter. The team also carefully removes the bees with bee brushes installed on the equipment so the insects aren’t harmed by the tractors at harvest time.

Supporting the natural ecosystem. Sheep graze the lavender fields to eliminate the cover crop and control weeds. Since sheep dislike lavender’s floral scent, they leave the plant and eat only the weeds. This also reduces the need to till, which slows evaporation, increases absorption of rainwater, and cuts down on labor and fuel.

Participating in educational projects. The farm team helped with the opening of a local museum that highlights regionally grown plants and their uses throughout the years. This provides visitors to the Simiane-la-Rotonde farm with the opportunity to learn the historical use of local aromatic plants and essential oil extraction.

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