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Empowering people

Doing our part for a healthier, more empowered world doesn’t stop with our products.

Championing education, ending exploitation, and developing enterprise: Founded in 2009, The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation has spearheaded dozens of projects around the world, all sharing the vision of empowering a rising generation that's free to thrive and create positive change. Discover the work the Foundation is doing and get involved at

Our fight to empower the world's young

Each year on July 11, members of the Young Living family around the world commemorate Gary Young’s birthday by helping to make the world a greener place—planting trees and botanicals, providing service to communities, and donating 5 percent of the day’s sales to the Young Living Academy (nearly a quarter million dollars in donations so far).

Celebrate with us

A better planet and brighter communities start at the local level. Every April, Young Living employees step out of the office and into gardens, community centers, and public spaces to help make a difference. Partnering with local organizations, Young Living employees help clean up, beautify, and cultivate nearby communities.

We believe that lifting lives extends to our animal friends. For every purchase from our Animal Scents® product line, a portion of the proceeds goes to Vital Grounds, an organization committed to protecting the fragile ecosystems that so many creatures call home. Vital Grounds has helped to protect 600,000 acres of habitat to date.

Every Animal Scents Purchase Makes a Difference

Our Feather the Owl Diffuser is more than just cute—it’s helping make important conservation work a reality. We donate a portion of each Feather the Owl purchase to the Tracy Aviary, funding comprehensive, multi-species owl conservation work within the western United States to help keep our feathered friends safe and thriving.

Protecting our feathered friends