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How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

Why use an essential oil diffuser?

What’s better than walking into a room and being welcomed with the soothing aroma of Lavender or the cozy scent of Cinnamon Bark? It’s often a familiar scent that can take you back to some of your happiest memories. Luckily, you can bring those comforting aromas into your home with a diffuser.

Diffusers are small electronic devices that come in many shapes and sizes. They transform essential oils into a light and airy mist, filling the room with a subtle scent that has purpose and benefits. Diffusers help you take in the benefits of essential oils aromatically, offering substantial benefits to your mind and body while creating an inviting atmosphere for you and those in your home.

How do oil diffusers work?

While diffusing essential oils might sound fancy, this luxurious usage method is actually quite simple. All you need is a small cup of water, your essential oil of choice and a diffuser device. The simplicity has made diffusing an essential oil fan favourite, and it is easily accessible for people of all ages.

How to start an essential oil diffusing session:

  1. Pick an essential oil you want to use. Remember, you can use multiple oils to create your own blend.

  2. Add water to the fill line, usually approximately 1 cup; but be sure to follow your diffuser’s directions.

  3. Add 5-10 drops of your essential oil into the water.

  4. Put the lid back on top, turn on your diffuser and enjoy!

How many drops of oil should you put in an oil diffuser?

When starting a diffuser session for the first time, many people ask: How many drops of an essential oil should I use? The answer varies and is widely left up to you. The recommended amount is 5–10 drops; but if you’re using multiple oils, 2–3 drops per oil will give you a nice blend. As you become familiar with diffusing, you’ll find an amount that works well for you.

The essential oil drop count will also vary depending on the space where the diffuser will be placed. For smaller spaces, 5–10 drops will work wonderfully; but for larger spaces, you may need to add 10–20 drops so the aroma can carry throughout the entire room. There’s no wrong way to diffuse, so don’t worry about adding too much or too little. As you continue to diffuse, you’ll hit a groove and figure out the perfect amount for your space.

How do you make diffusers smell stronger?

So you’ve added your oils, the vapor is rising from the diffuser and you’re waiting to be enveloped by a comforting aroma—but you’re met with only a subtle scent slowly moving through the air. Don’t worry, there is a very simple fix for this: Turn off your diffuser, add a few more drops and then restart the device. After a few minutes, you’ll be hit with a wave of aromatic joy as your essential oils begin to fill the air.

Consider a different type of diffuser

Just as some essential oils are higher quality than others, the same goes for diffusers. If you’ve added additional oils and are still underwhelmed by the aroma it is producing, consider upgrading to a higher quality diffuser. The intensity of the mist can vary depending on the quality of the diffuser. By upgrading your system, you can get a stream of vapor that puts in a little extra elbow grease to capture the aroma and distribute it throughout the room.

How do you clean an essential oil diffuser?

After enjoying an essential oil diffuser session, you may pop off the lid to add another scent and notice the remnants of your previous oil caked to the bottom of the diffuser bowl. This is very normal and to be expected after every use, so don’t sweat it. While your diffuser doesn’t necessarily need to be cleaned after every single session, it is important to clean it out as often as you can to keep those cakey remnants from building up over time and altering the aroma of new oils you’re diffusing. While some diffusers are easy to simply wipe clean with an all-natural cleaning product, others can be a bit trickier. Follow these steps to clean your diffuser with ease:

  1. Fill your diffuser with fresh, clean water, stopping just below the fill line.

  2. Rather than adding an essential oil, add about 10 drops of white vinegar to the water. This will help break down the residue without damaging the device.

  3. Replace the lid and turn on your diffuser. Let it run for 3–5 minutes, allowing the mixture to fully cleanse the inside chamber of the device.

  4. After 3–5 minutes, turn the device off and drain the remaining mixture into the sink.

  5. Once it has been completely drained, use cotton balls or a paper towel to spot clean any additional areas that may need a good scrub.

  6. Let your diffuser dry completely before using it again.

Keep in mind that your diffuser should have cleaning instructions available with its packaging, though most devices have similar cleaning methods that can be used across the board.

How to use a reed diffuser?

For those looking for a non-electronic diffuser, reed diffusers offer a simple way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils without having to repeatedly refill a device. Reed diffusers work by adding a large quantity of an essential oil (or a blend) to a glass container, then adding reed rods to the mixture. Let the reeds soak in the mixture, then flip the reeds so the oil-infused section is sticking out. This will produce a mild but consistent aroma throughout your home.

How long do reed diffusers last?
Depending on the quantity of oil and the quality of the reed, these diffusers can last 3─4 months. It’s recommended that you flip the reeds every few days so the ends can re-absorb the oils and get ready for another round of diffusing.
How do you make a reed diffuser?

Making a reed diffuser can be an easy DIY. Begin by gathering the following materials:

  • Glass container with a small opening

  • Rattan reeds or bamboo skewer sticks

  • Essential oils of your choice

  • Fractionated coconut oil

  • Rubbing alcohol or witch hazel

When you have your materials, add 20 drops of essential oil to every ¼ cup of fractionated coconut oil. Using a funnel, add the mixture to your bottle with an additional 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Swirl the mixture until well combined, then add your reed sticks. Let them soak in the mixture for 1 hour to properly absorb the oils, then flip the ends of the reeds so the soaked ends are sticking up and enjoy! Flip your reed sticks every few days to freshen the aroma.

How do you make a reed diffuser smell stronger?
While reed diffusers may last longer and be lower maintenance, many people find themselves switching to a water-based diffuser for a stronger aroma. Many reed diffusers require a synthetic element to enhance the aroma. If you’re wanting to stick to a reed diffuser while still going for a stronger scent, try adding 5─10 extra drops of essential oil and flipping your reed sticks every day rather than once every few days

Essential Oil Safety FAQ

Many diffusers have a safety mechanism that will stop the device from misting if the diffuser has been over-filled. Try removing some of the water and restarting the diffuser, making sure that the water is below the fill line. If the device still isn’t working, there may be a buildup of essential oil residue that is blocking the diffuser from misting. Clean your diffuser using the cleaning instructions, then try again.

Diffusers that are well-loved can last years. To extend the life of your device, clean it as often as you can, preferably after every use, and avoid any residue buildup that may impact the device’s ability to properly diffuse.

You do mix water with essential oils in a diffuser. Because most diffusers use water to transform essential oils into mist droplets, you must use water with every session. We suggest adding water first, then adding your oils. You don’t need to worry about mixing the oil and the water together; simply drop in the oils and close the lid. The device will do the rest.

It’s recommended that you diffuse for 15–20 minute sessions, taking breaks between each session. However, your diffuser will likely turn off after all of the oil has been diffused, so rather than setting a timer, you can simply turn on your device and let it run its course.