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0 April 25, 2013 - Archive

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), baby boomers will be the first generation where the majority “will maintain their natural teeth over their lifetime.” Why? The fundamental differences between previous generations and the baby boomers are education and product quality.

But despite improvements in oral-health education and superior products, one out of every 20 adults or 5 percent of baby boomers between the ages of 40–59 is still missing ALL of his or her teeth, requiring full dentures or implants. When considering the preventative cost of good dental hygiene in comparison to the therapeutic cost of implants or dentures, choosing and using the most effective oral-care products becomes a critical priority.

That is why Young Living offers a variety of toothpastes to meet individual needs, has improved Thieves® Dental Floss for more effective results, and provides Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash, which thoroughly cleans teeth and gums while freshening your breath.

Young Living has a product for everyone at a price that is good for your mouth and your wallet. However, the fundamental issue that is easily missed when comparing pricing is quality. Remember: Commercial brands put in harmful fillers, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, and dyes. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” is applicable.

Here’s what Young Living distributors have to say about using Thieves toothpaste:

“A year ago, in addition to other things the dentist asked me to do, I added Thieves® Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste to my regular brushing, flossing, and six-month dental checkup regimen. This morning the results of my checkup amazed my dentist of over 30 years. Not only were my teeth cavity-free, but my gums were also healthy. Thank you!”

“I started using Thieves® Dentarome Plus Toothpaste a few weeks ago, and my teeth are noticeably whiter! The toothpaste started working within a few uses. I have whiteners from the dentist but didn’t feel comfortable using them because of the chemicals in them and the way my teeth felt so sensitive afterward. Now I brush longer and my teeth look great. I enjoy my smile in the mirror!”

Your smile is your best accessory, and to give you one more thing to smile about, we are giving away 10 free tubes of Dentarome Original Toothpaste to 10 randomly selected people who leave a comment on our blog.

Can’t wait to hear from you,

—Gloria Russo, YL Product Marketing Manager

TIP:  Once you have loaded your toothbrush with your favorite Young Living toothpaste, add a drop of lemon oil to further brighten your smile.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about using Young Living oral-care products to beautify your best asset!


  • I love the whole Thieves line! My teeth feel like they have been cleaned by the dentist everyday!

  • Bekky

    Hi there! I love Thieve’s Toothpaste and my sensitive teeth are stronger than ever 😀 I also noticed recently following a cold/cough that my Thieve’s spray despite being sprayed into my thoat was greatly whitening my teeth also. For the edges closer to the gum I used a drop of Thieves dipped in Bi-Carb to clean away stains and my teeth are whiter than ever! Happy Teeth Cleaning 😀

  • I would love to try this product!

  • Adding the lemon oil sounds wonderful..gonna try this!

  • Kathy Moxham

    Pick me for a tube of Thieves toothpaste. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Grace

    I LOVE the Thieves toothpaste! I’ve only used the original, I plan to try the Plus next time I order.

  • Jessica Schubert

    Hope I’m not too late for the giveaway! I got the mouthwash on my last order and love it! I would love to try the toothpaste too! Thanks for such great products!!!

  • I love using THIEVES Dentarome toothpaste & also the mouthwash is fantastic as well.
    I’m hoping to win one of the free tubes of toothpaste, to help stretch the family budget.

  • Delores Tracy

    Looking forward to using the Thieves line of oral care!

  • I’m reminded how well loved the Dentarome line is whenever I call someone in my team to help them with their order. “Oh yes, I need more Dentarome Ultra!” is typically heard when we’re building the orders.

  • Kim T

    Hello, use Theives oil, mouthwash, and toothpaste. Love the products because they are free from chemicals, and many sensitivities that I have. Also, love Theives cleaner the best for everything even mirrors, and love the smell of clean!!! I do wish the products were not so expensive and being increased, with volume increases it makes it hard to continue to maintain such a high price product quantity every month, then you don’t get any reward points. Great pure products though.

  • I really want to try the YL thieves toothpaste! I am trying to live a healthier life, that is why I purchased my very first YL EO’s kit today 🙂 I am very excited and I can’t wait to start using them!

  • Becky

    Love this toothpaste, as well as my grandkids who use the children’s version.


    Would love to win a tube of Toothpaste! We have just recently incorporated Thieves toothpaste in our home.

  • I have Thieves on hand always!! The toothpaste is great as is the whole Thieves line.
    I use it in cleaning, in dish soap, diffusing, on cold sores and so much more!

  • Bette

    Have been out of the dentarome ultra for months and trying to get by on yucky Colgate- hugh difference!!

  • Rita

    I have put a drop of the Thieves Oil on my toothbrush with my regular toothpaste would love the try all the Thieves oral products.

  • Jessica Boyd

    Love the Theives products! It’s my favorite oil. Although the toothpaste and mouthwash don’t taste anything like the oil. I hated the mouthwash at first, but don’t mind it at all now

  • Renee’

    I went to the dentist for my normal check up about 3 weeks ago. At that time she stated that I have periodontal disease. I had my Thieves pack on order so I started with just putting the Thieves oil on my teeth and gums and when my Thieves toothpaste and mouth wash came in I immediately started using it. I had about 6 days to use it when I went back for my next appointment to start the cleaning process. She was so surprised that my teeth looked so much better. I need to go back one more time for the check up and polishing. I don’t need to have a 3 month check up just my normal 6 month check up. I was so excited that the Thieves has helped me! I can’t wait for the floss to be back in stock so that I can order some! Thanks!

  • MsMariette

    I would LOVE to experience this toothpaste for myself!

  • Michele

    I have 3 different tubes of toothpaste on my next order!!!

  • Morven

    “I have been using natural toothpastes for years and just joined Living Young, I am looking forward to trying the Thieves toothpaste for my whole family 🙂

  • Using theives toothpaste has helped my gingivitis drastically! Thanks for a wonderful, healthy product!!!!

  • We love these amazing dental products. Our dental hygienist always makes comment we are the only clients that use a natural product with no fluoride and have no staining on our teeth. Young Living dental care keeps us all smiling in our home.

  • kevin rockster

    Want healthy gums? Want to greatly improve your chances of never getting gum disease? Use Young Living’s Thieves Dentarome Toothpaste!

  • I LOVE Theives toothpaste. Would like to let the kids use it too – but I can’t seem to share! I need to get them their own – perhaps from the kids’ line. I love the mouthwash as well. Trying the dental floss this month.

  • Jaime Taylor-Harper

    Love these products…so glad I found Young Living 🙂

  • Tanya P

    The new orange flavoured kids toothpaste is the only one my girls will use! No more sodium laurel sulfate for us.

  • Laurie Potter

    a great tasting toothpaste the “natural” way! lemon oil tip a added bonus! thank YL

  • denise

    I enjoy your blogs, and thanks….!

  • Jen G

    I am interested in trying Thieves toothpaste. Need to put it on my purchase list.

  • Amy K

    I really can’t wait to try this – my family tends to get a lot of canker sores and I’m betting this will cut back and/or eliminate them! Very excited!

  • Love, love the Thieves toothpaste. I have gotten great reports from my dental hygenist and ordered some for her and my dentist.

  • Stephanie Novacek

    I am new to Young Living & I am loving it!

  • Corinna Maggy

    I’ve been changing over from standard everything in the household to all natural. I’d love to give this a try.

  • Melissa Schultz

    Would love to try it- I love thieves products!

  • Thanks so much for the generous giveaway! I am just learning about essential oils and healthy alternatives to commercial hygiene products. Would love to experience this wonderful toothpaste!

  • Betsy Glavin

    I love Theives products & use them in many ways. I’ve tried the toothpaste before & would love to try it again. I like the taste & the way it makes my mouth feel. And more than that, I like the thought of brushing my teeth with something I know is so good me.

  • Brittany

    My teeth have never felt so clean! I would love to win some toothpaste to share with my family.

  • Thanks! I am new to YL and looking to try as many products as possible. I am excited about replacing my and my family’s personal care products with more safe and effective alternatives!

  • Karen Westbrook

    I would love to try this, I put thieves blend on my toothbrush, but can’t say I’ve noticed any whitening. How does the lemon oil help? Will it strip the enamel off your teeth?

  • Marcia

    What’s the lemon oil tip? Can’t find it, only comments on how good it is.

  • Marcia

    I use one of the Thieves toothpastes but have never tried this one. I would sure like to win a tube to try. Thank you for the info & caring for our health.

  • Kbata

    Been thinking about trying this toothpaste. Just more evidence that it really is good.

  • Julie

    I’m new to YL and would love to try this out! I wonder if Thieves Dentarome helps to alleviate sensitivity…?

    • Patty

      Julie, I have VERY sensitive teeth and have had to use “sensitivity”‘toothpaste for years. I tried the Thieves Dentarome Ultra and I have no sensitivity! It’s the first and only natural toothpaste I’ve been able to use. I also think my teeth feel cleaner longer after brushing with it. I love it. Try it!

  • Mary

    I was on vacation several weeks ago and noticed my toothpaste was missing. One of many things I forgot to pack. Luckily I didn’t forget to pack my oils! I put a few drops of lemon on my toothbrush and brushed away. Not only did it work, the lemon lasted for the next several brushes! Amazing!

  • Chocolate201

    I want to try it!

  • Andi Hearn

    I have the lemon on order I would love to win a tube of the toothpaste to go with it. I love ALL the oils I have received from YL. They a
    ll are a must!

  • Mary

    I had tea stains on my teeth for at least 20 years and the dentist had not been able to remove them during my regular dental cleanings. After using Theives® Dentarome Plus Toothpaste for a short period of time the stains disappeared. I only use Theives® toothpaste now. I only wish it was made in a 3oz or smaller size to take along in my carryon airline bag.

    • Joni

      I’m with you!
      YL, how about a 3 oz travel size of Thieves Toothpaste?!? We can’t *legally* do air travel with our fav’ toothpaste.

      To make it a greater PV, you could possibly even market it as a 3-pak sampler of all the types…Original, Plus and Ultra…or include one for the little tykes. 🙂

  • Debbie Huebner

    What a great tip for the lemon oil, going to go brush to try it!

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