Sharing Essential Oils: Say This, Not That

8 August 10, 2015 - Business Building Tips, Essential Oils, News, Young Living News, Young Living Resources

Learning to Share YL the Right Way can sometimes feel like learning a new language—but it doesn’t have to be difficult! With just a few adjustments to the way you talk about your favorite Young Living products, you can share responsibly and in your own style! Hosted by Kid Lindsey Elmore, our latest video will give you some helpful guidelines for compliant sharing.


What are your tips for remembering to Share YL the Right Way? Let us know in the comments!

  • Rhonda

    where do i find the documents? I loved the video.

    • Cute video, right? You can find all the Sharing YL the Right Way resources in the Member Resources section of Virtual Office.

  • The young talent in this video seem to do an admirable job of enunciating, even so, child voices are exceedingly difficult for many types of hard-of-hearing, such as mine. I couldn’t understand anything past the opening disclaimer.

    Best solution – for both hard-of-hearing viewers and others! – is open captions or subtitles. Closed captions, where the viewer has to click an option to turn them on, is okay, too. Then the next best solution is to provide a textual copy of the script.

    I believe there may have been something in the video about referring to a written guideline, but either I’m overlooking it or this page doesn’t even give a link to that!

    • Hi David! We’ve forwarded your suggestion on to the appropriate department. We’ll see what we can do!

  • Maureen Benke

    THIS video is ADORABLE!
    Great Job YL! I enjoyed it SOOOOO much!

  • Angelica Hornyak

    I loved this video when I was shown this from the ladies that got to go to convention. I so wish I could have gone to convention this year , but hopefully next year I will be able to go 🙂

  • Kathy

    So cute.

  • Cindy Maricle

    Perfect scenarios and easy language…makes so much sense. Most adults in the US read and comprehend at a 5th grade level, so this is actually an ideal video…

  • Aaron Alberts

    Such a great video to share with others to make a heavy topic of selling much lighter. Thank you!

  • Kim

    Would you please add captions or English subtitles for Deaf distributors & customers? I would like to know what is being said in this video and any other YL videos. Thank you.

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for the feedback – we’ll see what we can do!

  • Loved this little video at conference! An easy way to educate us all on sharing YL products the Right WAy! Thank you for your continued support!

  • Dana Sharp

    I love this video. It is so adorable. The kids did a fantastic job!

  • Jason Say

    I love this video too! It is so cute and so funny, but also right to the point and simple.

  • I am so inspired! I believe in the inner beauty of children and their message to the world.The video is uplifting, engaging and simply to the point in a cheery way. It’s the avant-garde of sharing. Cheers!

  • That’s adorable!

  • Karen Williams

    I just LOVE this video! A great way to educate us all on the best way to share and position our Young Living products. Keep up the creative ways to keep our jobs fun! Thanks for all you do. A great training tool!

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