New Convention Products Unveiled!

0 September 19, 2009 - Archive

Home DiffuserWe’re excited to announce the launch of six brand new Young Living products from this year’s Grand Convention in Minneapolis. Gary Young unveiled his latest discoveries from Ecuador, plus new additions to our Thieves, diffuser, nutrition, and roll-on product lineup that you can experience for yourself starting Monday, September 21!

Here’s a taste of what to expect next week when these new products are made available:

  • SleepEssence—A natural, essential oil-infused sleep supplement that’s just what you need to get a full night’s rest.
  • Stress Away™ Essential Oil Roll-On—The perfect on-the-go solution for everyday stress relief.
  • RutaVaLa™ Essential Oil Roll-On—All the relaxing benefits of your favorite RutaVaLa oil blend available in a portable roll-on.
  • Ocotea Essential Oil—Another exclusive Gary Young discovery from Ecuador, historically used for digestive support.
  • The Home Diffuser—An incredible new diffuser that combines the latest in diffuser technology with ultrasonic innovations.
  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap Refill32-ounce refill bottle helps save on packaging waste and makes it easier than ever to keep our amazing hand soap in every room of your home.

Check next week for additional details and be one of the first to get our newest products!

  • Sandy Sutter

    I came home from Convention with the Ecuador Oils – in fact 3 bottles of Ocotea. A friend from my church was telling me of her dad’s diabetes being uncontrollable for months in spite of drugs and insulin. I offered her a bottle of Ocotea oil to try, telling her some of the amazing results being reported from individuals with Type 2 diabetes. She took the oil. That afternoon he complained of feeling very ill. His blood sugar was 350. She placed 3 drops of Ocotea oil under his tongue. The next morning his blood sugar tested at 170! She called me to say thank you. He had not had a blood sugar level test that low in over 3 month and felt great! I say, Praise God and thank you to God, Gary, and the research team of YL!!

  • marge aloisi

    I would love to see pictures of the Amazon Adventure conference held in May. Banos is such a beautiful location and the people so gentle and hospitable.

  • Before I discovered Young Living, I always dreaded cleaning house because I’m very sensitive to toxic household cleaners, and the “natural” cleaners never worked very well. Now thanks to Thieves, cleaning is no longer a chore! I love it and can’t wait to check out the new Thieves formula.

  • I love Convention and I am already signed up for next year! I appreciate feeling more confident with these amazing products and my health care. It is always nice to see and hear from all of the YL family members. Thank you very much!! Carol

  • Sarah Buelow

    I can’t wait to get these new product and use them for my family and my friends. I especially can’t wait to get the new diffuser. I love the fact that you have a special sleep aid and anxiety relief. Just what the doctor ordered. Literally!!!

  • Yippie… I am so happy to hear that the Thieves Household Cleaner is now available in a 64 oz. size – Thank you Young Living!

  • I love these new products and convention was superb ~ thank you for always exceeding our expectations!

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