If we could spend each day of the week swimming in the ocean, boating on a lake, or twirling in the rain, we would! There’s nothing that smells more amazing than the seaside and each of these blends will remind you of your treasured aqua adventures. Grab your trusty diffuser, add some YL essential oils, and press “go” on crashing waves and swimming pool cannon balls!


On The Dock of the Bay

It’s crisp, it’s cool, it’s cozy. Snuggle up with a flannel blanket or someone you love. Mix CypressLavenderTangerine, and Spearmint and you’re immediately transported to a quiet dock that sits oceanside!


Under the Boardwalk

Don’t get all tide up—make time for the beach! If you’re too far from sandy shores, add CedarwoodFrankincense, and Citrus Fresh™—a flawlessly warm, complex, and zesty blend—to your diffuser instead.


Raindrops on Roses

We’ve created a relaxing and indulgent night in! A diffuser recipe of Melaleuca Alternifolia, LemonRose, and Peppermint captures the feeling of being curled up on the sofa on a rainy night with a cup of tea and the fuzziest socks!


River of Dreams

Adventure is out there! Seize the feeling of finally reaching the end of an arduous hike when you see the rushing river. Citrus oils like Grapefruit and Citrus Fresh combined with Hinoki expertly capture your wonder and awe at nature’s masterpieces!



School’s Out for Summer

If all you want to do is run to the swimming pool, this blend is for you! InspirationJuniperPeace & Calming, and Tangerine do the trick and take you back to adolescent adventures free of homework!


Rain boots required for this diffuser blend! When you mix VetiverYlang Ylang, and Lemon Myrtle together, you’ll feel the giddiness of a child who loves to splash around in puddles after a rainstorm.


Whether you’re having a bit of blending fun or hitting the big leagues with your own creations, we’ve got an essential oil blend for everyone!

Which blend are you most eager to try?

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