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Drops for dreamland

Think back on the last time you snapped at a loved one, struggled through simple tasks, neglected a workout, and made poor food choices to boot. Chances are you had too little sleep the night before and that the sleep you did get was restless. When we can’t sleep, poor rest’s ugly effects creep into all [...]

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An insider’s guide to creating diffuser blends

Want to know the secret to creating unique, personalized scents? Follow our guide to custom diffuser blends and experiment with your favorite essential oils! Getting started Become a diffuser blend master by covering the basics with these frequently asked questions: How many drops of essential oil should I put in my diffuser? In YL diffusers, our [...]

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Young Living: 27 Years of Success

It’s hard to believe that the longest year ever has finally ended! As we look back over 2020 and all 27 years of Young Living’s history, we are in awe of all that we’ve accomplished from the very beginning up to this point. Here are a few of our most impressive wins with links for additional info:  We [...]

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  • 7 essential oils happy people use

7 Best Essential Oils for Happiness and Motivation

We all want to live our happiest life, but sometimes the daily hustle and bustle makes deep, lasting happiness seem like a faraway goal. But some simple, everyday practices can increase your joy, including using effective essential oils for happiness. From healthy habits like adequate sleep and exercise to self-improvement techniques like meditation and goal [...]

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