Make Your House a Home with Essential Oils

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We set the standard in purity. At the end of the day, we make the extra effort to provide products that enable you to make your house a home, free from any harmful ingredients.

Make a House a Home Infographic


What do you do to make your house a home? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Claudia Cuevas

    I recently hired a new cleaning helper and she has been cleaning houses/buildings for 30 years and she has NEVER, EVER has cleaned a house with safe products like Young Living’s Thieves Cleaner. She saw me prepare my sprays and wood floor cleaner and she was shocked!

    Love my Thieves Cleaner!!!

  • Belinda Platt

    My son stole my aria diffuser…..say what? I will have to buy him his own…I want mine BACK! I use the
    oils throughout my home! I’m still learning how to incorporate them into all areas of my life!

  • If you have not yet start diffusing your oils–start doing so as soon as you get a Young Living diffuser. I love diffusing many different oils–such as Spearmint, Cinnamon Bark, Citrus Fresh, Orange, Peppermint–among many others–my favorite is the Cinnamon Bark. Post what your favorite oil to diffuse would be.

  • products–Thieves Toothpaste, Thieves Mouthwash, Thieves Cleaner, Thieves Foam Soap, Thieves Laundry Soap, all the Bar Soaps, Shampoos, Conditioners, Shower and Show Gel, Massage oils, and all the Lavender products–Lavender Body Lotion, Lavender Lip Balm, Lavender oil, and of course I use all the Young Living oils–and diffuse many of them in my Young Living diffusers–have 6 or 7 of them. Use one in every room. Can’t be without the Juva Spice seasoning. If you have not tried this, I would suggest you order it right away. I use it on all my food, eggs, salad, meat dishes, soups–just on everything. Can’t be without it!!! Also would not be without many of the Supplements. This is just a FEW of the Young Living products that I use ALL the time. And they are delivered right to my door–do not have to shop at the store for them. And once you start using them you will find you will not be able to do without them either.

  • There is nothing better than using the right cleaning products when house cleaning. Every time I have guest over they compliment the pleasant smell. Way to go!

  • Brenda

    THIEVES for everything! I diffuse all day. I clean with Thieves and use oil on wool ball in dryer. My husband and I just love this oil. Can you imagine getting out of the shower and your towel smells like Thieves amazing aroma? Go Young Living!😎

  • I love this graphic, too! I’m loving my Thieves cleaner these days… and I realize I have my oils all over the house, and in my purse, too!

  • Heidi Shone

    My 16 year old son often requests purification and peppermint to be diffused in his room! 😊

  • I’m so glad, slowly, I took out all the harsh products out of the house and replaced with Young Living products! Best investment! Excited to also have the opportunity to share Young Living with others and make this lifetime change my business!!!

  • Janel Belle Isle

    YLEO’s and products have found their way into every aspect of our lives. Home, office, cleaning, pampering, and relaxing. You will find at least one oil or product in every room of my house, including my office at work. I love what YL has done in my life!

  • I use my oils daily, many times a day, and I diffuse every night. My room smells like a spa and I love it!

  • Amanda G Leigh

    My homes feels comfy, happy, and welcoming by diffusing different EO for whatever the need or desire we may have. There’s no place like Tutus! : )

  • Thieves cleaner for all bathrooms and kitchen, bathroom has lavender shower gel & lotion, Frankincense & melrose for my face and body cream. Bedroom has the rainstorm diffuser with lavender nightly.

  • I use a different diffuser blend each week and my colleagues love to drop by my office.

  • Connie Rodriguez

    I make my house a home by using stress away


    I use young living oils in all areas of my home, washing clothes, dishes, cleaning self care,also diffusing daily, I also use the supplements longevity,omegaze and am excited to start agilease

  • Connie Pemberton

    I like using Jade Lemon or tangerine in my USB diffuser, everyone at work loves both the aromas.

  • Cynthia Cole

    Diffusing every night in the bedroom and every day at work in my home office. Also, using vitality oils in cooking and oils in cleaning, too! And,of course, I support my daily wellness rituals with various oils and supplements including lemon, lavender, peppermint, RC, DiGize, Progessence Plus, Omega Gize, and MultiGreens.

  • Patty Morrison

    I diffuse daily as soon as I get home from work and then again by my bed at night. I love cleaning with thieves too.

  • Melissa Dunbar

    Love YL!

  • Sheila Ellis

    I make sure we feel comfy and happy in our home by pleasant scents in my YL diffuser. I keep the kitchen clean and sanitized and clothes washed and bed clothes clean! I want our home to be a place everyone can come to relax and feel loved!

  • Terrie

    Thanks for this fun graphic of ideas.

  • Alma Beal

    I learned so much at the convention and I am currently working on switching to get rid of the harsh products in my home. I have also decided to business build to share and educate others. I love YLEO!

  • Yesterday, I decided to diffuse my Clove oil while cleaning! As friends and family arrived home, they all said how amazing it smelled! Definitely a keeper!

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