Reset your routine: The creation of healthy habits

While the first few months of the new year is a common time to set new goals for the upcoming seasons, you don’t have to feel pressured to add too much to your plate! Whether it’s midwinter or mid-July, it’s always a good time to reflect on how you want to live. We have simple tricks to help you reset your routines, so you can refresh your day-to-day habits year-round!

NingXia Red: A Story of Seed to Seal

You know NingXia Red must be very much related to the Ningxia Region in China just by its name! In 1993, when Founder of Young Living D. Gary Young was travelling around the world to seek natural secrets of health and vitality, he met Chinese scientist Dr. Chao, who introduced wolfberry (also known as goji berry), a berry found in China’s remote Ningxia region that Chinese had consumed for thousands of years for wellbeing.

  • Essential Oils for Vacation

Best Essential Oils for Vacation

Flying off to Finland or Fiji? Cruising through Caribbean coast? No matter where travel may take you, we promise you smoother sailing and easy-as-pie plane rides when you pack essential oils for any and all travel trips. What’s more, every product mentioned here is even carry-on approve that totally travel friendly! Check out our picks for the next time you’re soaring in the sky or taking off down the road!

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