Flying off to Finland or Fiji? Cruising through Caribbean coast? No matter where travel may take you, we promise you smoother sailing and easy-as-pie plane rides when you pack the best essential oils for vacation. What’s more, every product mentioned here is even carry-on approve that totally travel friendly! Here are our picks for the next time you’re soaring in the sky or taking off down the road!

Drink away dehydration: Grapefruit Vitality

Grapefruit Vitality

Depending on where you’re headed, staying hydrated can get tricky — especially when you have to pay for water every time you fill up. Be mindful of this beautiful earth we love exploring and bring your own reusable bottle instead. Make your water taste terrific every time with a drop or two of Grapefruit Vitality or other citrus-flavored Vitality essential oils. In addition to fantastic flavor, you’ll get a wellness boost!

Get your glow on: ART Creme Masque and Grapefruit Lip Balm

Eucalyptus Globulus, Thieves and ART Creme Masque

Plane air is recycled and harsh, road tripping can lead to hours in the sun, and adventures outdoors make you face cold, brisk air. The problem — skin that’s bothered, dry, and unhappy. Don’t leave behind self-care; instead, wash your face each night and apply a gorgeous layer of the ART Creme Masque. Every morning when you wake up, you’ll be even more jazzed for the sightseeing, adventurous eating, and picture taking, thanks to glowy, showy skin! Don’t forget your daily lip care as your lip is easily overdried especially in non-humid areas. Apply Grapefruit Lip Balm that assists in the prevention of dryness.

Keep your hotel clean: Eucalyptus Globulus

Shared spaces and stuffy hotel rooms can make for some not-so-great smells. But don’t let this ruin your days of adventure — let Eucalyptus Globulus fix the problem. Try letting cotton balls soak up a few drops of this purifying oil and stashing them in bathrooms and nightstands. This clean scent is also great when you’re on planes and a need a breath of fresh air; simply inhale and you’ll be on cloud nine in no time.

Manage travel mayhem with Deep Relief and Thieves Roll-Ons

Deep Relied Roll On

Jumping in an out of cabs, strolling along cobblestone streets, and waiting in lines can take their toll. It’s a good thing you’ve got your roll-ons close by! Reach for Deep Relief Roll-On. With natural ingredients like Peppermint and Wintergreen, it is specially formulated to relieve muscle soreness, help your limbs to get recharged quickly for the rest of the journey. Tired of bumping into strangers and riding in public transportation all day? Swipe on Thieves Roll-On. Its spicy and invigorating aroma definitely makes a space for you in a crowded place.

Stay fabulous on your vacation: Savvy Minerals

Savvy Minerals Makeup

Vacation is the best time to have your favorite looks for taking fabulous photos all the time! Savvy Minerals makes it possible for you to get a finished and natural look with a few products in just 5 minutes. Its cruelty free and pure ingredients formulated make-up allows you to embrace natural beauty without putting any harmful stuff on your face. Grab the versatile Savvy Minerals foundation for the base of your flawless look and its mineral-based ingredients blend beautifully into every skin tone. With Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow, they can add definition, color and shine on your look, make you enjoy the moment every minute of your vacation!

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