Essential Oils and Physical Abuse

1 November 1, 2010 - Archive

Golden Touch 1 KitGolden Touch 1™ is an excellent Young Living essential oil kit to use for those healing from the trauma of physical abuse. Many times the visual effects of abuse heal, but the emotional damage remains. Negative emotions, if left unchecked, can move into the stomach, kidneys, liver, heart, or other vital systems in the form of anger, pain, and fear. If overlooked, these negative emotions can be locked in the body, reeking havoc on emotional and physical health. Some ignore the negative energy, making the emotions dig deeper into the body.

The Golden Touch 1 kit from Young Living can help release deep, negative emotions to help the healing process. Try these simple ideas:

If experiencing ongoing digestive issues, take a few drops of Di-Gize and rub some on your abdomen to help unwind emotions stored in the stomach.

Apply a few drops of EndoFlex over the kidney area to help release anger.

Apply JuvaFlex to the bottom of the feet to discharge any toxins and help release emotional discomfort out of the tissues.

Abuse can be taxing to your system. By applying a few drops of Melrose to your solar plexus (upper stomach area), you can help reduce mental fatigue.

Apply a few drops of Raven to the chest to release tension in your body that is hard to process.

The lungs and circulatory system can also be affected by physical abuse. Diffuse R.C. (or smell it right from the bottle) to process negative emotions stored in these important areas.

Apply Thieves to the feet to support your body’s immune system while creating a feeling of protection and courage.

Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne

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