Have you been trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of your favorite shirt? After searching the dresser and checking the laundry room for clues, there’s just one last suspect: the closet. Before you dive into its murky depths in search of your beloved blouse, you might want to pencil in a spring clean. With a closet refresh, you can stop stressing about getting dressed and start feeling fabulous. Follow these tips below to feel like life is your own personal runway show!

Refresh the fit.

Say goodbye to clutter by sleuthing around for things that just don’t fit right. Whether it’s a baggy sweater or a too-tight pair of jeans, kiss your ill-fitting items goodbye to make room for things you can feel fantastic in right now. While you’re at it, add a few drops of Purification® to your wool dryer balls to keep mysterious scents away from your favorite ‘fits.

YL tip: Donate any items in good condition to your local secondhand store to make someone’s day.

Find your signature style.

Can you rock a baseball cap like nobody else? Do dramatic trench coats make you feel alive? Take a look at the items you love to reach for to determine what sparks joy. If you’re feeling stumped on what reflects your personality, try taking this quiz for inspiration. Once you know what you love, snoop around some stores to replace those items you ditched with pieces you’ll treasure forever.

Young Living Blog - Jeans, jacket and belt. Closet refresh

Reorganize for a new look.

If you haven’t got a clue where to start refreshing your closet, try a simple reorganization. Begin by organizing your clothes by color, season, or style. You could also try hanging up items you usually fold, rolling items instead of folding them, or investing in new storage solutions like baskets or shoe racks. Diffuse Envision™ while you creatively investigate the best way to store your clothes.

Try a capsule closet.

Can’t crack the case on what to wear? It might be time for a total overhaul! Capsule wardrobes are built out of 30−50 matching pieces of clothing and are all the rage right now. Downsize and upgrade as you focus on finding curated pieces you’ll wear over and over again. Spritz your new finds with a DIY linen spray for a blast of scent that will get you ready for anything.

Freshen up your space.

Whether you have a giant walk-in closet or only a few shelves, it’s time to say goodbye to mysterious messes. Eliminate suspicious scents by wiping down shelves, vacuuming the corners, and adding DIY scented sachets to stacks of laundry. Pretty soon your closet won’t feel like a grime scene anymore!

DIY Scented sachets from Young Living Essential Oils

Do a clothes swap.

Totally bored with your wardrobe but don’t have the funds for a full makeover? Get together with friends or family to investigate each other’s style. Bring a few pieces to trade and “shop” around until everyone has something that’s new to them.

YL tip: Not the same size? Swap accessories like purses, belts, and scarves. A good accessory can make an old outfit feel like new.

Looking for more ways to freshen up for spring? Check out these Thieves® DIY tips or discover the best oils to make your house smell delightfully fresh.

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