Convention: Then and Now

0 June 26, 2014 - Archive

The 2014 International Grand Convention is underway, and there is still more excitement to come! Make sure to follow the convention on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for daily updates, action photos, and more!

While there is much to look forward to as Young Living continues to advance and grow, we also treasure the memories of past conventions that mark our journey and remind us of our progress. In that spirit, please enjoy the following photo memories and join us as we remember how far we’ve come!

Gary and Mary are joined onstage by sons Jacob and Josef in 2007.

Gary awards member leaders during the 2003 Achieve Your Highest Potential convention.




Many members participated in a fitness contest leading up to the 2009 convention.

The atmosphere was electric during the 2012 Transformation convention.










The Youngs kicked off the 2013 Believe convention with rousing music and smiles for everyone!


  • Martha Wertz

    I have been to YLEO Convention regularly since 1996,when I signed up. Observing the growth, changes, products , people, research, expansion of this company worldwide has been a most amazing and phenomenal experience. The unified passion, people, and purpose, the harmonious ( and fragrant!) atmosphere at this annual event is out of the box and over the top! There have been ‘growing pains’, I believe with YLEO, but they have come to the plate for each challenge. People are often stunned when they hear I have been with one company for almost 20 years. I eagerly look forward to the next 20 and beyond! This year, several of us ‘veteran’ YLEO folks had fun remembering the good old days at various Conventions, and yet we are not wanting to go back. We choose to ENJOY all the FUN and extraordinary NEW things happening! I continue to have my confidence, direction and faith in the company increase with every Convention I attend.. Thank you , Young Living, and all the folks who have contributed to your success!

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