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20 August 10, 2015 - Aromatherapy, At Home, Cleaning with Young Living, Essential Oils, International Grand Convention, Kids Care, News, Product Announcements, Young Living Lifestyle

Young Living’s International Grand Convention is an unforgettable annual event where we inspire curiosity in our members through education, motivation, and new product unveilings. We were ecstatic to release more than 10 new products at the convention this year! From “happy dances” to fun selfies, Young Living members have been finding their own ways of showing the love for these innovative new products.


Black Spruce Screencap

“Northern Lights Black Spruce is very light, and it smells unique—nothing like any other essential oil I have smelled. Its aroma is very uplifting!” Karen Stroke, Gold, Texas

NingXia Zyng - Young Living

“I was a collegiate pole vaulter and other sports drinks have always been too sugary for me. NingXia Zyng is light and refreshing!” Tara Phillips, Executive, Texas










Chocolate-Coated Slique Bars - Young Living

“They were really great and had a surprising hint of orange at the end! I’m excited to try these at home!” Tasha Porter, Star, Texas

“I definitely smelled the spice of the Light the Fire blend at first. I love it; it smells so good!” Emily Anderson, Platinum, Texas









Thieves Essential Oil Infused Laundry Soap

“Everyone has been asking for a product like this for the four years I’ve been in Young Living. We have always used Thieves Household Cleaner because it is so versatile. This looks great and the marketing is great. It’ll be a hot seller!” Maria Jones, Gold, Australia

Cool Azul Sports Gel - Young Living

“I feel so invigorated! There are a lot of dimensions of smell; at first I smelled one essential oil, now I smell another. It’s cool and refreshing after application. It’s actually cooling!” Kirby Smith, Executive, Tennessee











Pure Protein Complete - Young Living

“I really liked the vanilla Pure Protein Complete. I think I’ll really like it with almond milk because it’ll be extra creamy.” Laura Erdman-Luntz, Gold, New York

Thieves Essential Oil Infused Dish Soap - Young Living

“I really liked the citrusy smell of Thieves Dish Soap; it doesn’t have a heavy cinnamon smell. It was a very uplifting scent with the Jade Lemon™ essential oil.” Michele Ruhmann, Executive, Florida









KidScents Diffusers - Young Living

“The kids will love it! I think the parents will, too. A lot of parents and families want multiple diffusers because the kids have been hollering, ‘Can I have a diffuser?’ Now when parents buy these diffusers, they are buying an interchangeable base that’s just for the kids.” Nancy Harden, Silver, Indiana


Experience the new products firsthand and add them to your next order! What new product launched at the convention are you looking forward to ordering? Let us know your top picks in the comments!

  • Ann

    Do you know the square footage that is covered with the Kidscents diffusers?

    • Hi Ann, The diffused molecules cover 30 square meters or approximately 323 square feet. We hope this information is helpful to you!

  • Sarah Taylor

    I have plantars fasciitis. My feet hurt after a few hours of walking or standing. Panaway helps ease the burning in my feet but I am looking for a oil that will help heal them. Can you reccomend any other oils that can help my sore feet.

    • Young Living

      Hi Sara. Ouch! Sorry to hear! Because Young Living’s products aren’t labeled to be used as drugs, they’re not intended for use in the treatment or cure of disease or any abnormal function of the body, including ailments or injuries. Our products are intended only for the use listed on individual labels—either for topical/aromatic use or as a dietary supplement. We recommend you chat with a medical professional for your issue. We hope it gets resolved quickly!

  • Brenda Yates

    What oils would you use for tremors?

    • Young Living

      Hi Brenda! Because Young Living’s products aren’t labeled to be used as drugs, they’re not intended for use in the treatment or cure of disease or any abnormal function of the body, including ailments or injuries. So, we’re unable to give advice to help here, we’re sorry! We’d suggest that you you consult with a medical professional with experience in essential oils to help further. We hope you find a great solution!

  • Susie

    I ordered the Thieves dish soap and really love it! It leaves my granite counter tops and appliances
    looking like I have spent hours polishing them! They really shine. Kitchen smells great when
    done! Thank You for a great product!

  • Cindy Kobelka

    Hi all, I am a new member to the oils and probably could find lots of questions to ask. I love my oils and read all I can on them. Ordered lots of books already on them. One question I do have is how is ev1 winning some of the oils etc. I would love to enter in this and try to win some as I need to get many many more for my supply.

    • Tiana

      you join essential rewards and you have to make an order of so much a month including an essential rewards package

  • Jennifer Miller

    My oldest son put the Dino Land diffuser on his Christmas wishlist.

    On a side note, that same son (7yo) heard my mom say that her muscles were giving her grief. He quickly grabbed a Life 5 and told her to take it. “It will make your belly feel good, and that makes your whole body feel good.” -I thought you all would like that. 🙂

  • Thi

    Is the pure protein complete safe for kids?

    • Young Living

      Hi Thi! The Pure Protein Complete products are formulated and marketed for adult human consumption. If you desire to use this product for your children, we would encourage you to discuss consumption with your child’s healthcare provider to ensure that the product is right for them and their individual dietary needs. We hope this is helpful!

  • Kerri

    Can you get two starter kits when you sign up?

    • Young Living

      Hi Kerri! You may order two Starter Kits at the time of sign-up if you would like. Please note, the special reduced introductory price will only be given for one Starter Kit per account.

  • Carol Parman

    I have been using the Lavender Shampoo and conditioner and loving it, however I have arthritis in my hands and its nearly impossible to squeeze out the conditioner. Wondering if it could be put into a more pliable bottle?

    • Young Living

      We’ll see what we can do! In the meantime, perhaps someone else could help you put it in a more pliable bottle – or even one with a pump top.

    • Karen Arola

      I have had to utilized a PUMP with all of my Young Living Shampoos and Conditioners in addition to their Hand and Body Lotions. It works like a “dream” – and is so easy on your hands!

  • Jim clark

    I have a nephew that loves dinosaurs, and has highs and lows during his day and this will be a great way to try and help him with the right essential oils. Thank you Young Living for thinking about our kids as well great job great looking diffusers for kids.

  • Barbara redman

    Want to buy organic lemon drops that you can put in water to drink. Where can I buy?

  • Jennifer Schilling

    All the new products are absolutely awesome! When will the Slique Chocolate covered bars be coming out?

    • Young Living

      Hi Jennifer! We’re hoping to have them available within the next two weeks.

  • Jo Lynn

    The new kids diffusers are amazing. Thank you for developing this where the under lights stay on as night lights.

  • Britney

    Are you going to bring bad the dead sea stuff!!!??? PLEASE

    • Young Living

      Hi Britney! They’re available on a limited-time basis 🙂

  • Heather Kauffman

    Are the Essential Peels available for Essential Rewards orders? I can’t seem to find them.

    • Young Living

      Hi Heather! They’re available for regular purchase, but not with ER points.

  • Margie Richardson

    The Cool Azul, Ningxia Zyng, Fruit and Veggie spray and Chocolate covered bars are on my list to order tonight! The Cool Azul tops the list though!!

  • Sheila Bredeson

    How many cans are in an order of Zing? I don’t see it posted anywhere

    • Young Living

      Hi Sheila! There are 12 Zyngs to a pack.

  • Sheila Bredeson

    I will definitely be ordering the Thieves laundry soap and dish soap! Thank you Young Living!!

  • I am so anxious to try out some of these products! I was excited to hear about Laundry Soap and Dish Soap!!!! Wow, very anxious to get my new product. The chocolate covered Slique Bars, loved the original and will love love the new Slique Bars! Also anxious to try out the New Protein Complete, of course I ordered the chocolate one! Gary Young continues to amaze me!

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