Chai Time

2 December 23, 2014 - Archive

Almost nothing is a more comforting book-and-blanket companion on a winter day than a warm cup of chai tea. Want to curl up and take a little relaxing, post-holiday me-time? Be your own barista and recreate the coffee shop magic of a creamy, foamy, spicy chai latte at home.


Making chai lattes infused with essential oils is easy. You’ll need an 8-oz. Mason jar with lid, toothpicks, and a microwave.


 Chai Latte infused with Young Living Essential Oils - Recipe

How do you infuse your drinks with essential oils? Let us know in the comments!

  • Helen Mitchell

    I am really confused. Yes I was at a YL conference where Gary mentioned should not use the
    microwave. What is true any more. The media tells one thing, the next time its O K. I would like to know the truth. Helen

  • Eleanor Nash

    Karrie is surprised about using the microwave – why?

    • Karrie

      The use of microwaves has long been suspect in transforming (deforming) our foods nutrients. D.Gary Young himself has written several papers referring to the dangers of microwave use.

      • Rose

        I would not use a microwave to make this recipe! It would be easy enough to warm the milk in a pan on the stove, you might not get the foam. I would readily forgo foam to avoid microwave use!

        • Christy

          Me too.

  • Karrie

    Although I don’t have all of the oils on hand yet, I am looking forward to trying this 🙂 I am surprised however, that you suggest using a microwave??!! It wouldn’t take long to warm the milk in a small saucepan on the stove……

    • Rose

      I agree with you wholeheartedly! Forget the nukes!

  • Jeannette Butler

    This sounds really good! Will definitely have to try this! Will need to get the cardamom oil first though! Thanks for the recipes!!

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