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The last thing you want after applying your makeup is to have it smudge, slide or melt off your face after a few hours. A good makeup setting spray is often the unsung hero in your makeup routine and an essential step to lock in your look from morning to night.

With just three natural ingredients at home, you can create and customize your own homemade makeup setting spray with essential oils.

Infuse your homemade makeup setting spray with drops of Frankincense essential oil for normal skin. If you tend to get oily, Geranium or Tea Tree essential oils are your BFFs. Myrrh essential oil is regarded highly for its moisturizing properties and is a hydrating choice for dry skin.

Whatever your skin type, this customizable, natural DIY recipe infuses the natural power of skin-loving essential oils to give you a beautiful, long-lasting makeup look that stays put.

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Tried it and loved it? Let us know which essential oils are your favourite to use in your daily beauty routine!

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