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9 September 13, 2011 - Archive

For the last 15 days, every morning after I shower, I have been practicing a very simple, yet very profound, essential oils regimen.

It’s called “Gary Young’s Great Day Protocol,” which consists of the essential oil blends Valor®, Harmony™, Joy™, and White Angelica™. I call it premium self-care for amplifying my daily intentions.

Since I have been following this simple protocol with these four blends, I have found my attention to the smaller details, which can be tricky for me, has become a lot more focused. My communications have become more solution-oriented with others and I am noticing that my enthusiasm has increased. Better yet, my follow-through for working on the bigger “back burner” projects is now in action.

Here’s the protocol for beginning your great day:

Step 1: Have your Valor, Harmony, Joy, and White Angelica essential oil blends readily available. I have them all lined up on my dresser and anoint myself before getting dressed.

Start with Valor Essential Oil, also known for balancing the body’s electrical energy. Apply a few drops in the palm of your left hand, gently rub your palms together, and bring your oiled palms to your nose and inhale. Set your intention for the day, utilizing the grounding properties of this blend. Next, put some Valor on the back of your neck and then place another drop on the inside of your wrists and hold your wrist together for a moment. As you hold the pulse points of your wrists together, again breathe in the oil blend and take a moment to be still while affirming your intentions for the day. What state of being would you like to cultivate? What do you want to accomplish today?

Step 2: Harmony

Place a drop of Harmony on your left palm, rub your palms together, inhaling the oil blend and place some Harmony on your solar plexus, just below your sternum, and above your belly button. This is your third chakra, or your “will” energy center. As you inhale the aroma, use the affirmation, “Let my will harmonize and align to the greater good for all I connect with today.” You may have a specific intention for harmonizing with your customers, your co-workers, family, friends, etc.

Step 3: Joy

This blend is one of Young Living’s signature essential oils. Place a drop of Joy into your left palm, rub your hands together, and slowly inhale the scent. Then place your hands on your heart. If you are looking to become more open hearted, use these moments to let this blend infuse into your heart’s desire.

Step 4: White Angelica

This blend is known for its properties for energetic protection, like a bouncer for negative energy or disturbing thoughts. Place a drop of White Angelica in your left palm, rub your palms together and deeply inhale. Then gently brush your palms over the crown of your head, down your neck, shoulders, chest, torso, and all the way down your legs to your feet. Imagine this blend encasing your entire body, like a guardian shield. Again, revisit your intention for your day.

Give yourself a week with Gary’s Great Day Protocol and keep a log of how you are feeling and what you notice each day. If you have a willing partner, family member, or friend to share this protocol with, even better!

Please share your experience in the comments area! I would love to know how this protocol works for you.

Tracy Griffiths

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  • Just started this with my husband today. And we we’re all ready in positive spirits.

  • Heidi

    Just stumbled upon this protocol this morning. I’ve have been having a tough couple days. I tried this protocol this morning and I can feel my spirits lifting!

  • Susan Hewitt Self

    I can’t wait to get started.

  • Dawn Vamos

    Going to start this today, will keep you posted on results..thanks ..never used these together and with specific intent

  • Sara

    I love your protocol sharing, I will do it tomorrow and let you know the result…. Thank so much…

  • Ethel

    I use valor On the bottom of my feet and then i put it starting at my neck all the way down my back then i smell it. i put joy on my heart and then smell. harmony on the back of my neck and then smell. Ground on my root chakra and then smell. And then i end with the white angelica. i feel really good every morning.

  • julieap

    Gary this technique is beautiful. I love the positive intent sent out each day. So, do you need a traveling assistant to help with healing, knowing truth and sensing energies? 😀 Just putting that out there, because I just found out about YL about 6 months ago. I feel the vibrations within these oils. 🙂 <3 what you do!

  • Jacqui Lepp

    Starting today – funny I use all these blends – Joy daily but had not combined them with such intention before! Thanks for the guidance I will keep you posted <3

  • janet corde

    I have been doing this twice a day for over a week now..also weening off celexa and I have NEVER felt better. Valor is out of stock so I’m using frankencense instead…Life thankful for my sister for introducing me to and doing the research for me!!

  • sue ehlers

    when doing this morning regimen, should your hands be washed in between the different oils? Or do they all mix together in the palms of your hands?

    It sounds like a wonderful way to start the day and I look forward to trying it.

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