Global Recognition

Diamond Leaders

Our Diamond leaders comprise Young Living’s three most elite ranks—Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Royal Crown Diamond. It has been said that diamonds are made under pressure. Becoming a Young Living Diamond leader isn’t a simple journey, and our Diamonds reach their level of success by facing unique leadership challenges time and again, proving their rare ability to become greater than they were before—greater leaders, greater educators, greater philanthropists, and greater examples to their teams. Our Diamond leaders shine brightly as examples of service and total dedication to improving lives through the benefits of Young Living.

Rank Advancements

With each passing month, our members grow and expand Young Living’s influence for good on a global scale. Through our members’ dedicated efforts to share the gift of pure, authentic essential oils, we positively impact many thousands of lives around the world. Join us in celebrating the hard work and success of our members!

2019 International Grand Convention

At the 2019 International Grand Convention, we’ll celebrate being 25 years young! Join Young Living members from around the world as we unite for this momentous occasion. We’ll celebrate a dynamic history and look forward to an unstoppable future!