October Enrollment Set

Open to New Enrollees Only

Frequently Asked Questions

Only Philippine new enrollees can purchase the set. New enrollees are those who are signing up for the first time or those who have not purchased for the past 24 months.

New enrollees can purchase the October Enrollment Set from October 15 until supplies last.

No, the October Enrollment Set will not have the Sharing Bonus Offer.

Yes, as the set is 100 PV, new enrollees can already enroll on Essential Rewards and count it as their first ER Order.

For an enroller to qualify for the Starter Kit and ER Enrollment bonus, the enrollee must have purchased a Premium Starter Kit (PSK).

Dewdrop Diffuser (Version 2), Thieves essential oil blend 15ml, Peppermint essential oil 15ml, Lemon essential oil 15ml, Lavender essential oil 5ml, R.C. essential oil blend 5ml and Product Guide. The set will not come in a box.

Upon enrollment in the virtual office, it will be available under the “Specialty Kits” tab. Click here to enroll as a Young Living member today.

With the Community Quarantine, pick up of orders from the Experience Center is not an option. This will be available again once our operation is back to normal.