The Future is Bright!

Greetings, Young Living Philippine Members!

Since we opened our official Young Living Philippine doors last February, our first month together has been filled with happy anticipation and overflowing excitement. And as with all new things, we also had to go through some birthing pains. However, it has been awe-inspiring to see that despite hurdles, we all contributed and collaborated together to create something bigger than ourselves. All this, for the start of a more empowered, healthy and purposeful local community.

D. Gary Young once said that Success is living your deep, burning purpose. For Young Living Philippines, our deep, burning purpose stems from each member’s passion and commitment to share a life of wellness, purpose and abundance. We are confident that despite any challenge, together, we will make this a reality.

Let us continue to work together and never lose sight that our future is bright! As an official market of Young Living, we now have access to recognition and rewards, our own local office and a voice in the Young Living world.

With this, I encourage each one to stand proud and continue to lead the wellness revolution towards a healthy and purpose-filled life!

Maraming salamat po!